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Dental Implants: Get the Facts

Dental ImplantsYour teeth are fixtures that you expect to see in your mouth every day from here on out. The fact that tooth loss is in unexpected event doesn’t mean that it is uncommon. In fact, statistics show that a fair number of adults will lose a tooth – or several, far before they may believe they should. Really, we do not need to view tooth loss as a normal part of aging. The team at Lerner & Lemongello work diligently to help our patients enjoy lasting oral health and beauty. At the same time, we have obtained the necessary skills that enable us to replace missing teeth in the most appropriate manner.

Today, the most efficient way to restore normal function is to look beyond tooth structure and notice the importance of a firm foundation. That would be your teeth roots. In lieu of roots, it is implants that supply you with the stability you need to feel comfortable in your smile. Information about dental implants should be obtained from your Palm Beach Gardens dentist. Otherwise, you may fall for misinformation such as:

  • It is too costly to restore the smile with dental implants. Any form of restorative care comes at a cost. Also, all forms of restoration have a life span. It is important not to overlook the longevity of your new structure when assessing the cost-effectiveness of treatment. Dental implants are structures that integrate into the jawbone. As such, they can last decades. They can last a lifetime. There isn’t much more cost-effectiveness than that.
  • You cannot count on dental implants. To believe that you cannot count on dental implants would be akin to thinking you cannot rely on your natural roots to stabilize your teeth. Natural roots and implants are supported by the same bone, which means that the primary factor in success is bone health. It is generally possible to preserve healthy bone tissue by taking care to prevent gum disease.
  • Implant treatment results in a fake looking smile. Fortunately for patients of our Palm Beach area office, the restorations that top dental implants are created by experienced cosmetic dentists and ceramists who have honed their craft. The results of dental implant treatment don’t just look authentic, they also recreate the natural feel of your teeth.

We are happy to discuss your options for tooth replacement. Schedule your consultation by calling (561) 627-9000.


Get Set for a New Year with Quality Dental Care

cosmetic dentistryOf all the decision you may intend to make as we head into a new year, giving your smile the care it needs could be one of the best. Whether it is a resolution to see the dentist on a regular basis, or you want to finally bring out the best in your smile by correcting cosmetic issues such as gaps or discoloration, the team at Lerner & Lemongello is here to help you. Our office in Palm Beach Gardens has been established as a comfortable environment in which our patients can obtain friendly, high-level dental care. Some of the ways to treat your smile this year include:

Preventive Dentistry

One of the biggest reasons for dental anxiety is fear that shots will be necessary, or that treatment will be complex. These concerns can be virtually eliminated when you are mindful about the scheduling of your dental visits. When your teeth are examined and cleaned every six months, there is very little chance that dental problems can become serious. If a condition like gum disease or cavities is detected, the extent of damage is typically so mild that conservative care can restore better health.

Restorative Dentistry

Clearly, the fastest way to a toothache (and complex treatment) is to ignore a small problem like sensitivity in a tooth or teeth. Restorative care may involve a small, tooth-colored filling, or it may require that we remove infection through root canal therapy. In most cases, the extent of care needed comes down to how quickly that care is obtained. The sooner  you see us for a dental concern, the more conservative we may act to resolve the issue. One thing you can count on when you visit us is that we will work hard to ensure your treatment is comfortable and efficient.

Cosmetic Dentistry

In many cases, New Year’s resolutions include at least one step toward looking better. Often, it is the body that people think of. According to research, though, the smile has a lot more to do with favorable first impressions! Do you want to look and feel your best in the coming year, and long thereafter? Consider how cosmetic dentistry from your Palm Beach Gardens dentist can help accomplish this goal. We offer a variety of treatments, from teeth whitening to lifelike restorations to porcelain veneers and full smile makeovers.

The team at Lerner & Lemongello wishes you a Happy New Year. Contact us for the care you need to bring your best smile along for the ride. (561) 627-9000.



Snow and Sleigh Bells and Stress, Oh My!

bruxismMost of the inhabitants of our beautiful coastal state only dream of a snowy holiday season. Actually, many of us reside here for the mere fact that we can spend our winter months walking in the sand rather than shoveling snow. That doesn’t mean that we don’t thoroughly enjoy every other aspect of the holiday season. Much of the month of December is spent in shopping malls or at parties boasting everything from mistletoe to white elephant gifts. Taking in all of the joys of the season means lots of love and laughter. It can also mean extra stress.

Why does this matter?

Why would we find it important to talk about holiday stress and how to reduce it? Because stress can affect your smile in surprising ways, and it can do so without your knowing. Chances are, you would not imagine that you clench your jaw or grind your teeth. However, if you are under a lot of stress, this could be exactly what you do – all night long. That’s right! The condition is referred to as bruxism, and it happens when you sleep because this is when the mind has a chance to work out the stress triggers of the day.

Beating Bruxism through Stress Management

Stress management is a term that has been floating around for years. It has become so common that we may easily dismiss it as some trendy catchphrase. In reality, we could all benefit from some stress reduction. During the busy holiday season, take a moment every day to sit quietly, to read a book or listen to music. Find time for a long walk with a friend or loved one, or a coffee date in which you can sit back and take a break from your to-do list.

Other ways to reduce stress include cutting back on caffeine, which can be a challenge when you’re trying to keep up with all that shopping. Instead of cutting out your favorite energy-boosting beverage, consider giving yourself a cutoff time of noon. This habit enables you to get the rest you need at night to be restored for the following day. It also lowers the chances that your mind will remain active while you sleep.

We wish our patients the happiest of holiday seasons. To get your smile party-ready, give us a call at (561) 627-9000.

Get Set for a New Year with Quality Dental Care

Useful information on Dental Implants


Useful information on Dental Implants

Is a dental implant right for you? A dental implant may be the best option for restoring your smile when you have lost or broken a tooth. Learn more about dental implants and when they are right for you.

Dental Implants, What are they?

A dental implant is a post most often made of titanium but sometimes made of zirconia. They serve as a substitute for the root of a natural tooth. The implant post is placed in the jawbone. It is then allowed to fuse to the natural bone. Once this occurs the implant post becomes sturdy and can be used as a foundation for the replacement of the teeth. Implants can be used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth to support a bridge. Depending on the number of implants they can be used to hold and replace all the teeth or support a denture.

Am I a candidate for Dental Implants?

People of all ages can be a candidate for replacement of missing teeth with dental implants. Whether tooth loss due to decay, disease, injury or a medical condition, dental implants can be a great choice. If you can’t wear dentures comfortably you may be an ideal candidate for dental implants. There are new techniques available using advanced technology where implants can be placed and teeth secured the same day. For denture wearers imagine being able to eat anything you want without the roof of your mouth being covered so you can taste your food. This can be life changing for people who have lost all their teeth and struggle with dentures.

Implant patients must be in good health. Most patients are still candidates even with certain medical conditions but should consult with their dentist. Your dentist will take into consideration your medical and dental health to ensure implants are the right choice for you.

What is the implant procedure like?

Your dentist will review what type of dental implant treatment is right for you. A procedure will be done to place the implant in the jawbone. The jawbone will then be allowed to heal around the implant to hold it firmly in place. The dentist will then complete the process by securing a post onto the implant and place a crown or artificial tooth that resembles you natural teeth.

Does implant placement take a long time?

Once the implant is placed, usually an hour or two, healing can begin. Healing can take three to six months depending on certain factors. If you are a candidate, a temporary tooth or teeth can be placed during the healing phase. Once healed the permanent tooth replacement can usually be completed in two to three weeks.

How do I care for my implant?

You care for your dental implant teeth just as you would your natural teeth. It is important to brush and floss as well as see your dentist every three to six months for dental cleanings to maintain your health. If there are any specific needs for maintaining your dental implants your dentist will let you know.

The right choice

The dental team at Drs. Lerner and Lemongello’s office is available to ensure your comfort and safety and are available to answer any of your concerns.  So whether it is for a dental check up, a simple tooth restoration, a smile makeover, dental implants, or complete mouth restorations our team is ready to help you achieve the smile you deserve and the dental heath you want.

Get the beautiful smile you have always dreamed of, make an appointment today! Contact Drs. Lerner and Lemongello for an appointment and information on all dental procedures at 561-627-9000.  Visit our website at and view our “Smile Gallery” for examples of some of South Florida’s most beautiful smiles.

Drs. Lerner and Lemongello also proudly serve Stuart, Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Wellington, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach


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