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Comparing Lumineers to Traditional Porcelain Veneers

Lumineers Palm Beach Gardens FL

Lumineers Palm Beach Gardens FLAt Lerner and Lemongello in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, we are committed to offering patients affordable and effective solutions for enhancing the appearance of the smile. Many of our patients are proper candidates for veneers. We offer two varieties of veneers in our practice, including traditional veneers and more conservative Lumineers.

Lumineers vs. Traditional Veneers

Patients who have imperfections on the front of the teeth may find that cosmetic facings such as porcelain veneers may be a great choice for enhancing the look of the smile. However, there are two methods of treatment for patients to think about, including traditional porcelain veneers and a thinner alternative called Lumineers. While both of these restorations are made of quality ceramics and fabricated to match the natural teeth, Lumineers has one small advantage. Lumineers are incredibly thin, and do not require the teeth to be prepared beforehand. This means that they are reversible. Traditional porcelain veneers require patients to remove a thin portion of the tooth enamel from the tooth to reduce the likelihood of bulkiness when the veneers are bonded in place. This means that once patients make the decision to place veneers, they will always have to have them in place to cover the natural tooth. However, with Lumineers, patients may choose to have them removed in the future if they choose to do so. This offers more flexibility. However, the cost of Lumineers is more than that of porcelain veneers, so patients need to compare their options closely to make the right choice for their smile.

Curious about Lumineers or traditional veneers?

Which one is right for you? Connect with the team of Lerner and Lemongello in Palm Beach Gardens, FL to discuss your options and decide which treatment you may want to move forward with exploring. Drs. Jay M. Lerner and Gerard J. Lemongello are dedicated to helping patients enhance the appearance of their smile in the most conservative manner. Call the office to book an appointment at (561) 627-9000 and visit the office at 5602 PGA Boulevard, Suite #201. We are always willing to accept new patients and families into our state-of-the-art dental facility.

Using full and partial dentures for smile restoration

Restorative Option Palm Beach Gardens FL

Restorative Option Palm Beach Gardens FLTooth loss requires patients to speak to a dental professional about ways to restore the smile to address function, health, and appearance. Many patients are advised to consider the benefits of dentures. Dentures come in several different varieties, including:

  • Partial dentures
  • Full dentures
  • Implant-supported dentures

Which one is right for me?

Patients in the Palm Beach Gardens, FL area who are missing one tooth, or several along the dental arch, may be a great candidate for partial dentures. These dentures are fabricated with metal and acrylic framework and snap into place along the dental arch. They are easy to remove which make them simple to adjust, care for, and store overnight. It is a wonderful alternative to dental bridges or dental implants.

Patients with all their teeth within the dental arch missing or extracted will want to ask about full dentures. These are dentures which include false gum tissue and fake teeth and are kept in place with dental adhesives or natural suction. These dentures should be soaked in a cleaning solution every night to extend their longevity. These are great for patients who need to fully repair their smile in an economical manner.

Last but not least are implant-supported dentures. These are full dentures that are fabricated to snap into place with several dental implants inserted along the dental arch. The benefit of this type of full denture is the ability to enjoy better stabilization without dental adhesives. Many patients who are serious about ensuring their dentures stay in place may find this to be their best option.

Ready to repair your smile after tooth loss?

Dentures can be a wonderful way of restoring function and health to the smile after patients have experienced tooth extraction or loss. Contact Lerner & Lemongello Dentistry today to schedule your evaluation and determine if dentures are right for you! The office is conveniently located in the area of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida at 5601 PGA Boulevard, Suite #201 and ca be reached by phone at (561) 927-9000. Take time to discuss your oral health care needs with our dentists, Drs. Jay M. Lerner and Gerard J. Lemongello, today!

Understanding inlays and onlays as dental restorations

Onlays Inlays Palm Beach Gardens FL

Onlays Inlays Palm Beach Gardens FLAt Lerner & Lemongello Dentistry, patients in and around the area of Palm Beach Gardens, FL have the ability to repair and restore their smile with solutions such as inlays and onlays.

What is an inlay/onlay?

When patients develop conditions such as dental decay, a dentist will often provide a restoration called a filling. This is a material that is used to fill the hole left behind by the cavity after it has been treated. However, there are times when patients may have larger areas of decay which require more extensive care. Some of these can be addressed with a dental crown, but there are situations when a dental crown may be too much. These patients are often better addressed with an alternative such as an inlay or onlay. These are ceramic restorations that are larger than fillings but smaller than crowns and can be bonded in place in smaller areas to seal off a tooth that has experienced decay. Drs. Jay M. Lerner and Gerard J. Lemongello can assess a patient and determine if inlays and onlays are better suited for a particular patient.

Why choose inlays and onlays?

Inalys and onlays are natural-looking restorations that are made to match the existing tooth structure, color, and shape for seamless integration. These restorations are more conservative than dental crowns, but can fill larger areas that cannot be addressed with fillings alone. Inlays and onlays are affordable, effective, and aesthetic.

What other options are available?

If an area of decay is smaller, a composite resin filling may be used to address the area, while larger areas may benefit from the placement of a dental crown. During an initial evaluation, our professionals will determine which is most appropriate for a patient’s specific needs.

Interested in finding out about conservative treatments for dental decay?

Contact the office Lerner & Lemongello Dentistry today to discuss your options. The practice is located at 5601 PGA Boulevard #201 in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and can be contacted at (561) 627-9000. Call Drs. Jay M. Lerner and Gerard J. Lemongello to learn about inlays and onlays among other restorative solutions.

Caring for Your Pregnancy Smile

General Dentistry Palm Beach Gardens FL

General Dentistry Palm Beach Gardens FLPregnancy is an exciting time in a family; one during which virtually no one is thinking about dental care. Moms-to-be have far more exciting things to think about than their teeth, like their growing bump, those breathing techniques they read about, and the baby shower they can’t wait to attend. While there are good reasons to focus on the various exciting aspects of pregnancy, oral health is something to keep in mind. Here, we discuss why, and also offer some tips on how to keep your smile healthy during pregnancy.

It Isn’t Just Your Belly that Changes

Most of the focus of pregnancy is given to the ever-expanding belly. The changes that aren’t seen – but are definitely felt – involve your hormones. Of course, you realize that your hormones will change dramatically while you’re pregnant, but you may not know what this entails. For a woman to be able to give birth, her body must become more flexible, joints and all. To accomplish this, the body produces more of a particular hormone that affects all soft tissues, making them softer and more moveable. This is good for childbirth but may not be great for your gums.

The softening of gum tissue during pregnancy can lead to an increased risk of plaque buildup just beneath the gumline. The gums may also bleed more easily during pregnancy, though this doesn’t present the same concern as the potential for gingivitis and gum disease.

How to Manage Oral Health During Pregnancy

First and foremost, it is essential to know that dental care is not off-limits during pregnancy. After about 20 weeks, it is safe to see the dentist for a routine checkup. No x-rays are taken, and cleaning may or may not be performed. The objective of this appointment is to observe teeth and gums and recommend oral care strategies that can be implemented at home. Basic tips for a healthy pregnancy smile include:

  • Stay vigilant with brushing. Morning and night-time brushing is vital to gum health. No extra brushing is needed during the day, even if morning sickness causes vomiting.
  • Don’t skip the floss! Nighttime flossing is ideal because it sends you to bed with the cleanest mouth possible.
  • Don’t just drink lots of water, also swish water across your teeth. Swishing water reduces the acidity caused by nausea and vomiting without potentially abrading enamel that is softer as a result of that acidity.
  • Let crunchy fruits and vegetables do the cleaning for you. Fresh foods with a crunch are great for cleaning your teeth in between meals.

Do you have questions about oral health during pregnancy? Call our Palm Beach Gardens office. We’re happy to talk with you.

Dental Implants: Are You Calculating the Cost Right?

Dental Implants Palm Beach Gardens FL

Dental Implants Palm Beach Gardens FL Whether you are having your teeth cleaned or having them whitened or restored, the treatments you obtain signify an investment in your oral health and overall well-being.  Most of the procedures that are conducted in the dental office fall well into the category of “affordable,” especially with the added bonus of insurance coverage. Dental implant treatment may not seem to fit in with procedures like crowns and fillings. Because the up-front cost of dental implants is higher than other restorative options, there may be a misperception that those other options are more affordable. Here, we take a look at the right way to calculate the costs of dental implants.

Calculate Based on Lifespan

As necessary as it is to consider the initial costs of any dental treatment, it is also wise to look at the long-term gains that are offered by each option. Dental implants are surgical-grade titanium posts that are inserted into the jawbone. Bone grows around the posts and, barring any deterioration related to advanced periodontal disease, can secure the implants for life. Most conventional restorations, like bridges and dentures, last around 15 years. Studies have observed the stability of dental implants lasting 50 years.

Calculate Based on Maintenance

During the lifespan of a denture appliance, several adjustments are necessary to maintain a good fit. When to maintenance costs of dentures and bridges are compared to those related to dental implants, research estimates that the “less expensive” dentures or bridge may ultimately cost up to 10% more than implants.

Calculating the Benefits of Dental Implants

We don’t replace teeth just so the smile can be complete. We replace teeth because they are vital to our ability to speak, chew, and smile with full confidence. Studies demonstrate the high success rate of dental implants to meet patients’ needs for stability and comfort. No other method of tooth replacement has come close to restoring the natural feel achieved with dental implants. Many patients even say that they can’t tell the difference between their real teeth and their new teeth. So it begs to question, how valuable is quality of life?

Learn more about the dental implant process and how it can help you feel good about your smile again. Call our Palm Beach Gardens office at (561) 627-9000.

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