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Is There a Right Way to Replace Missing Teeth?

Dental Implants Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Dental Implants Palm Beach Gardens, FLTooth loss has always been a problem that humans have sought to remedy. It has taken many centuries to get to where we are today, and it is hard to imagine technology will get any better. We know it will, but in the meantime, we are pleased to offer patients two options for tooth replacement that restore natural appearance and functional chewing.

Now that patients have two options from which to choose, it is important to know how they differ to discern how to best achieve individual goals in tooth replacement. Here, we want to look at a comparison between dental implants and dental bridge treatment for partial tooth loss.

A Side by Side . . .

We’ll first look at dental bridges because they have been used for a longer period. This method of tooth restoration involves filling a gap between two teeth with a pontic, or tooth made of ceramic material. What keeps the pontic in place is two dental crowns. The three “teeth” are fused during the fabrication process. Then, the entire fixture is seated over the teeth adjacent to space. For these teeth to hold the pontic, they must be reduced before fitting crowns over them.

Dental implants are still relatively new in the grand scheme of dentistry. These fixtures were first used more than fifty years ago, and yet they have only recently picked up steam regarding popularity. A dental implant is an artificial root. It is made of titanium or another biocompatible material. When a tooth is missing, an implant is inserted into the jawbone where the natural root used to be.

Important Points for Tooth Replacement

  • A dental bridge is initially less costly than dental implant treatment.
  • Dental bridge treatment does not involve oral surgery.
  • A bridge places extra stress on supporting teeth.
  • Dental implants can last decades without special care.
  • By replacing the root, it becomes possible to preserve healthy jawbone structure.

One of the biggest considerations of tooth replacement is how to maximize cost effectiveness. A comparison of costs and longevity is an excellent way to come to the conclusion that works for you. To discuss your treatment options for tooth replacement, call our Palm Beach Gardens office at (561) 627-9000.

Are you Struggling with One of These 4 Cosmetic Concerns?

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments Palm Beach GardensAppearance is something that most of us like to change from time to time. We may do so by following the latest fashion trends, or by cutting our hair a different way. Did you know that you can also change your appearance by paying attention to your smile? More people realize that they aren’t stuck with the smile-Mother Nature gave them. We see this demonstrated in the large numbers of cosmetic dentistry treatments performed in our Palm Beach Gardens office.

There may be no better way to optimize personal image than by reviving the liveliness of the smile, and we don’t mean brightening with teeth whitening treatment. To bring new life to the smile means something very different for every person. For you, it may mean correcting one of 4 common cosmetic problems with porcelain veneers.

  1. Unpleasant color. Discoloration is not the same across the board, which means that professional teeth whitening cannot resolve all types of staining. A tooth that has been injured, for instance, may turn gray. Tetracycline use during childhood may also cause teeth to appear slightly gray. These stains are inside of the tooth and cannot be whitened. They can, however, be masked beneath veneers.
  2. Odd shape. One of the characteristics of an attractive smile is consistency. When we observe the visible row of teeth, the eye expects certain shapes. One tooth that does not fall into line in this arena can throw the whole smile off. A porcelain veneer or set of veneers creates a new shape and a whole new smile.
  3. Sizing issues. Just as the eye wants to see consistency in the smile, it also expects symmetry. The ratio of teeth-to-gums or lips can be perfected, if necessary, by making teeth appear longer and more prominent in the smile.
  4. Spacing or turning. Ideally, the teeth that are visible when you smile will face in the appropriate direction. Also, the space between teeth will ideally be small and uniform across the smile line. When gaps or turned alignment create a visual disturbance, veneers may be the ideal cosmetic solution.

Drs. Lerner and Lemongello are both members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Their training and experience are focused on creating beautiful, natural results for each of our patients. Learn more about porcelain veneers by scheduling a consultation with us.


Good Breath Gone Bad

General dentistry Palm Beach Gardens

General dentistry Palm Beach GardensBad breath is not a problem we want to have. It’s a problem that “other people” struggle with. If we had bad breath, we would know, right? We could go on about the internal dialogue many people have about their breath. We’ll just say that bad breath is a bigger problem than you may think, and, yes, you may have it and not realize it. But there are ways you can manage your breath either before unpleasant odor becomes obvious, as well as after.

Clean it up

You know you are supposed to brush your teeth morning and night, and you do. But how much time are you spending on the task? Two minutes? Would you say that you are careful to brush every tooth, every surface, more than once? It’s easy to brush without really thinking, but this can lead to costly mistakes in oral care.

Brushing is just the beginning. Flossing is also a necessity for fresh breath. In just a minute or two, flossing removes residue that could stick in between teeth and collect odor-causing bacteria. Finally, those same bacteria also seem to love hanging around on the back of the tongue. Using a toothbrush to clean the back of the tongue only displaces that bacteria from the mouth onto the toothbrush and then to another part of the mouth. For optimum cleanliness, use a tongue scraper.

Moisten it

A mouth that is dry is likely a mouth with too much bacteria. Dry mouth may be due to too little water consumption. Sipping on water multiple times an hour works in your favor because this habit continually moistens and dilutes acidity that can cause odorous breath. Some people are more prone to dry mouth and may need a particular level of dental care to manage this condition.

Fix it

Dentures are a natural risk for bad breath due to their structure. When a denture sits too loosely over the gums, bacteria can accumulate beneath them. Removing dentures every day for cleaning, and also gently cleaning the gums, can reduce bacterial activity in the mouth and on the denture itself. Also, relining is an important aspect of denture care that should not be postponed. At the first indication of looseness, contact your dentist for appropriate adjustments.

Contact us at (561) 627-9000 for friendly dental care that supports fresh breath.

Safe Travels: How to Maintain a Healthy Smile

dental services Palm Beach Gardens, FL

dental services  Palm Beach Gardens, FLSummertime is one of the best times of year to hit the road or to fly across the globe for some faraway adventure. Whether your summer plans include a trip to see Grandma and Grandpa or to observe the moon and stars from a dimly lit campground, it goes without saying that time away from the normal routine can feel both exhilarating and chaotic. Here, we outline a few simple things that you can do to protect your teeth and gums while making the most of the summertime fun.

  1. Eat well. For many of us, a break from the normal daily routine can equate to mindless snacking and poor food choices. Even if your eating habits change only temporarily, there can be lasting effects from excessive amounts of sugar, alcohol, or processed foods. Maintain your smile by avoiding the temptation to graze all day long. Craving something sweet? Grab an apple, pear, or a bowl of strawberries! These foods have been noted for their teeth-cleaning and whitening capabilities.
  2. Drink water. Staying hydrated is especially important during the hot summer months. Sipping on water throughout the day offers more benefits than pounding a glass every so often. This is because the acidity of the oral environment increases exponentially throughout the day. The more often you drink water, the less acidic your mouth should be. Also, drinking water after snacking or drinking any non-water beverage reduces sugar build-up and fights plaque.
  3. Maintain your toothbrush! Toothbrushes can grow bacteria if they are not kept in a dry environment. Sometimes, those travel toothbrush holders that are supposed to protect your oral hygiene tool can work against the objective at hand.
  4. Bring along travel-sized mouthwash and floss. On those long days in the car or at the airport, the mouth can feel, well, dirty. Chewing gum and mints are only minimally effective at freshening up the mouth on such days. A swish of mouthwash and a brief flossing session can do wonders for “dirty mouth.”
  5. Remember to stop and smell the roses. The whole point of vacation is to sit back and relax, and yet many of us find ourselves tenser than ever as we try to get away from the monotony of daily living for a bit. Long lines, hot sun, or cranky children aside, it is important that you remain calm and relaxed during vacation. Tension can lead to tooth grinding and clenching, which could damage teeth, restorations, and the joints of the jaw.

Lerner & Lemongello offers friendly care to patients from Palm Beach Gardens, as well as those who are just passing through. Call (561) 627-9000 to schedule your visit.

Your Smile, Your Way

cosmetic dentistry Palm Beach Gardens, FLThe team at Lerner & Lemongello are proud to serve residents and guests of Palm Beach Gardens with friendly, professional care that is tailored to their needs. In addition to supporting ongoing oral health with preventive and restorative treatments, we get excited about what is possible with cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Cosmetic dentistry is a popular area of dentistry, though not a formal sub-category of care. There is no designation for being a cosmetic dentist, only a demonstration of commitment seen in extensive training. We have this. What we also have is an extensive smile gallery filled with the smiling faces of happy patients whom we have helped through personal dental care.

There is a balance in cosmetic dentistry between the skill employed by your experienced dentist and the materials that are used to craft beautiful restorations. Techniques may vary from time to time, but the outcome is the same: a beautiful smile that lights up the face.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments in Palm Beach Gardens

  • Professional teeth whitening is a simple method of reviving the smile and taking years off of the face. This treatment may be conducted in the dental office, or in the comfort of your home. Both methods are safe and efficient; one just happens to take a little longer to achieve the final result.
  • Porcelain veneers are valuable to the smile makeover process thanks to their versatility. A veneer is shaped, sized, and shaded to perfectly blend in with surrounding teeth. It is also possible to disguise larger-scale problems like short or discolored teeth behind a full set of porcelain jackets.
  • Lumineers fall into the porcelain veneer category of treatment, but they differ in structure and process. The Lumineers veneer is ultra-thin, which enables your dentist to situate the fixture to a tooth without much if any, enamel reduction.

Dentistry for the Modern Consumer

In just the last few decades, we have seen an enormous shift in the way that dentistry is performed. Most restorations that are used today look just like natural teeth, and methods of bringing natural beauty to the forefront of the smile have expanded our horizons. We are pleased to be at the cutting edge of dentistry and to bring the benefits of lifelike materials and meticulous technique to you.

Schedule your visit at Lerner & Lemongello at (561) 627-9000.



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