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What can you do to avoid tooth decay?

What can you do to avoid tooth decay?  Here are some practical tips from our office to help you avoid cavities and the need to restore your teeth or tarnish that beautiful smile.

*Limit the number of sodas, citric juices and sports drinks.

*Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.

*Clean between your teeth with floss or interdental cleaners.

*Eat a balanced diet and limit between meal snacks.

*Visit the dentist regularly for cleanings and exams.

*Ask about dental sealants to protect your teeth.

*Repair or replace old dental restorations at the first sign of deterioration before they get worse.

Straight teeth are healthier teeth

Straight teeth are healthier teeth.  It is common during a hygiene examination to overhear conversation about healthy teeth.  It is surprising for most to find out that straight teeth are healthier than crooked teeth.  How is that so?  Well if we look closely at straight teeth we find all the teeth lined up evenly without any overlap between the teeth.  This allows all surfaces of the teeth to be cleaned.  When teeth are crooked, the teeth overlap each other making it hard to clean in between.  Also, straight teeth wear evenly across the edges.  Crooked teeth, all at different levels and position wear unevenly.  Crooked teeth that overlap and are at different positions are more prone to decay, gum disease and wear.  Straightening crooked teeth can be easily achieved with InvisalignOur goal is to provide our patients with choices to maintain optimal dental health.  Having straight teeth is one way to achieve optimal health.

Updated Technology for Dental Radiography

Dental Digital Radiography is very similar to conventional radiography.  The significant difference is that analog film is replaced by an electronic sensor.  The electronic chip is far more sensitive than film; therefore significantly less radiation is required to provide an accurate image. This equates to much less x-ray exposure to the patient and a far lower radiation dosage than conventional film.   Comparing digital and conventional radiography is unfair.  Digital systems offer so many more options than film-based ones.  The storage of digital information is far simpler than film allowing greater access and improved diagnosis.  This is just one of the ways our office uses state of the art technology to improve the health of our patients.

Cracked Teeth

We often see patients with cracked teeth.  Did you ever wonder what might be the cause?  When growing up if we had a cavity most of us received an amalgam (silver-mercury) filling to restore it.  Amalgam (silver-mercury) fillings were common.  The problem with silver-mercury fillings is what they are made of and how they are used to fill a tooth.  Usually the decayed area of the tooth is removed leaving a “hole” behind.  Silver-mercury filling material is them mixed and placed in the hole.  No adhesive is used so there is no seal provided to the tooth.  Without a seal, saliva and other materials can slowly leak under and around the edges of the filling.  As this occurs over time slowly the tooth can get a new cavity deep underneath the filling.  This new decay can go undetected for years not being seen through the tooth or even visible in an x-ray until it is too late.  When chewing on the tooth suddenly the silver filling can shift causing the tooth to crack.  Also, once you realize that silver-mercury fillings are made up of 50% mercury you can understand how they crack teeth.  What happens to mercury in a thermometer on a cold or hot day?  It expands and contracts depending on the temperature.  Well, silver-mercury fillings do the same thing when we eat something hot or cold.  They also expand or contract 6 times more that the tooth.  Expansion and contraction of the silver-mercury filling inside the tooth pushes against the parts of the tooth eventually causing it to break.  We often recommend removing silver-mercury fillings for these reasons.  A variety of other options such as, porcelain restorations, gold restorations and composite restorations are available to restore your tooth to its natural strength and appearance.

Preventative Dentistry

I read this interesting article in USA Today.  Basically, it explains that patient check-up visits are down nationally over the past year.  It discussed that 34% of the US population (1/3rd) did not visit the dentist.  As a result, an initial $100 maintenance visit will potentially cost a person who didn’t visit the dentist thousands in the future with crowns, root canals, etc. Prevention is the most important aspect of taking care of your health!  It’s a good article to review.  Our office is here to take care of all your dental needs.

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