Dental Implants: Are You Calculating the Cost Right?

Dental Implants: Are You Calculating the Cost Right?

Whether you are having your teeth cleaned or having them whitened or restored, the treatments you obtain signify an investment in your oral health and overall well-being.  Most of the procedures that are conducted in the dental office fall well into the category of “affordable,” especially with the added bonus of insurance coverage. Dental implant treatment may not seem to fit in with procedures like crowns and fillings. Because the up-front cost of dental implants is higher than other restorative options, there may be a misperception that those other options are more affordable. Here, we take a look at the right way to calculate the costs of dental implants.

Calculate Based on Lifespan

As necessary as it is to consider the initial costs of any dental treatment, it is also wise to look at the long-term gains that are offered by each option. Dental implants are surgical-grade titanium posts that are inserted into the jawbone. Bone grows around the posts and, barring any deterioration related to advanced periodontal disease, can secure the implants for life. Most conventional restorations, like bridges and dentures, last around 15 years. Studies have observed the stability of dental implants lasting 50 years.

Calculate Based on Maintenance

During the lifespan of a denture appliance, several adjustments are necessary to maintain a good fit. When to maintenance costs of dentures and bridges are compared to those related to dental implants, research estimates that the “less expensive” dentures or bridge may ultimately cost up to 10% more than implants.

Calculating the Benefits of Dental Implants

We don’t replace teeth just so the smile can be complete. We replace teeth because they are vital to our ability to speak, chew, and smile with full confidence. Studies demonstrate the high success rate of dental implants to meet patients’ needs for stability and comfort. No other method of tooth replacement has come close to restoring the natural feel achieved with dental implants. Many patients even say that they can’t tell the difference between their real teeth and their new teeth. So it begs to question, how valuable is quality of life?

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