How the Evolution of Dentistry is Advantageous for You

Dentistry used to be all about chasing dental disease. Ancient texts have revealed that humans had quite a learning curve to go through when it came to their teeth and gums. Long before toothpaste was ever a thing, the universal consensus was that teeth were “eaten” by worms. Perhaps that was just the best description that could have been made at the time. Nonetheless, early instances of dentistry, even into the 1700- and 1800s, are evidence of how far we have come in the last century alone.

Today, we use a variety of innovative techniques and technologies, newer dental materials, and a much more knowledgeable approach when managing oral health. We know enough now that we never have to chase dental disease again; we can prevent it with proactive methods.  In our Palm Beach Gardens practice, we enjoy seeing what modern dentistry can do for our patients.

Healthier Smiles

Preventive care is the name of the game in dentistry today. However, there is still a need for suitable restorative processes. One of the common ways that teeth are repaired today is with tooth-colored fillings. This is a significant shift from the outdated dental amalgam that was the norm 100 years ago (even 30 years ago!). Tooth-colored fillings made from durable composite resin look like natural teeth, feel like natural teeth, and function like natural teeth. The stability of composite supports long-term use and a healthier smile.

Attractive Smiles

We could say that cosmetic dentistry practices began thousands of years ago, but that might be a stretch. The Egyptians use of seashells as artificial teeth hardly constitutes a cosmetic procedure. If anything, the short-lived life of the seashell tooth was necessary for functionality. Cosmetic dentistry performed solely to enhance the smile was limited to unsuccessful attempts to whiten teeth until the 20th Century. The first veneers were developed in the 1930s. These cosmetic fixtures would not stay in place very long because they were affixed with denture adhesive. It wasn’t until the 1980s that we had long-lasting bonding techniques. Today, we have veneers that can make over teeth without even a need for enamel reduction.

Functional Smiles

Looking back to those seashell teeth used by the Egyptians, we can see that tooth loss has long been a problem for which solutions have been sought. Today, we have a way to quickly reinstate natural structure and appearance: dental implants. This restorative treatment is routinely performed by our team and continues to provide patients with the lifetime of smiles they deserve.

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