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Our dental team is an integral part of our commitment to providing the highest quality of care and service in a comfortable, professional environment.  Our team has provided a high level of expertise to our patients gaining their trust and confidence.  All our team members are highly motivated and provide our patients with a dental experience beyond their expectation.  They are an integral part of the warm friendly environment.  A great dental team doesn’t happen by accident.  It takes a commitment from the doctors to provide the best possible care and to choose the right people to provide it.  You deserve the best.

Updated Technology for Dental Radiography

Dental Digital Radiography is very similar to conventional radiography.  The significant difference is that analog film is replaced by an electronic sensor.  The electronic chip is far more sensitive than film; therefore significantly less radiation is required to provide an accurate image. This equates to much less x-ray exposure to the patient and a far lower radiation dosage than conventional film.   Comparing digital and conventional radiography is unfair.  Digital systems offer so many more options than film-based ones.  The storage of digital information is far simpler than film allowing greater access and improved diagnosis.  This is just one of the ways our office uses state of the art technology to improve the health of our patients.

Overcoming obstacles to treatment

There are generally three things that hold a person back from a new smile.  They are:  Fear, Time and Money.  All of these can be overcome.  FEAR: In today’s state of the art dental industry there are many ways to reduce anxiety.  Today’s anti-anxiety medications are very safe and easily used.  Truly painless anesthesia techniques are available and used every day with great success. Soothing music, massage pillows, aromatherapy, iPods with headphones, and 3D movie glasses are all ways to relax patients during treatment and help them overcome the trepidation often associated with dental treatment. TIME: Nothing is left to chance in our dental office.  Everything is pre-planned down to the finest detail prior to a patient’s appointment. Utilizing the most up to date techniques and state of the art equipment provides for extreme efficiency.  It is not uncommon to restore a person’s entire mouth in a mere two visits which, in many cases, takes as little as two weeks. Time is thus no longer a factor.  MONEY:  Many patients believe this to be their primary obstacle.  Everyone knows people invest in all aspects of their lives – they buy new cars, take vacations and enjoy many of life’s luxuries with the flexibility of paying over time. What people do not know is that these same payment options are now available in the dental industry and can fit any patient’s budget. Money would no longer hold patients back from getting dental work if people simply shifted their thinking to invest in themselves first.  The way we see it, a car sits in the garage and jewelry sits at home, but your smile is with you everywhere you go. You wear your smile all day, everyday – it should be your best accessory.

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