Smile in a Day

Secure, natural looking teeth in as little as one day.

Is Smile in a Day right for you?

If you are missing one or more teeth due to decay, injury or disease, you may be a candidate for teeth in a day. Those who have lost all of their teeth have several options for replacement. The most advanced and reliable techniques for tooth replacement is to permanently attach new lifelike teeth to dental implants.

Actual Patient

Implant supported teeth look and feel like natural teeth. They allow normal chewing and function just like natural teeth. They provide numerous health benefits by allowing you to chew food the way you were meant to for proper digestion. Imagine eating all the foods you want and love, including meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, all with the ability to taste and enjoy food.

By permanently replacing missing teeth with implant supported teeth you will have a more youthful appearance. Teeth restore and support the facial structures such as the cheeks and lips. The teeth provide facial support creating a more youthful appearance. They also let you speak, laugh, kiss and smile with confidence.

State of the Art Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants

Permanent tooth replacement with implants has revolutionized cosmetic dentistry. Implants have transformed the lives of people who have no teeth by giving them a solution that is more comfortable, secure and reliable than removable dentures. They help to prevent the loss of the jawbone due to the loss of teeth. When teeth are lost bone volume and gum volume are also lost. Dental implants stabilize and stimulate the bone around them, maintaining bone volume and strength. This is one of the major advantages to implant supported teeth, unlike removable teeth, which actually causes bone loss over time.

Teeth in a Day

Dental implants have revolutionized how we replace missing teeth. Now with new concepts and technology you can benefit from these procedures providing beautiful, natural, functional teeth in one day. Implants can be placed and teeth attached the same day. This process is not only the most efficient way to replace all the teeth but also the most cost effective strategy for implant supported teeth. Implants strategically placed allows the use of less implants than previously needed. It is impractical to replace each missing tooth with its own implant. Today’s state of the art implant systems enable a minimum number of implants to support the maximum number of teeth. The implants must be strategically placed to offer the most effective support. By connecting the new teeth to the implants they stabilize each other. This allows for teeth to be placed the same day the implants are placed reducing the number of appointments as well.

How to get started

Where do we begin? The process to get started is simple. The West Palm Beach dentist completes an examination to evaluate your current condition to see if you area candidate for the procedure. They will evaluate the health of the remaining teeth, if any, as well as the remaining bone structures, the way your teeth bite together and any aesthetic concerns to improve your appearance. The dentist will take records that include photographs, molds of the teeth and determine how your teeth fit together. These records are needed to plan lip and facial support to improve your appearance providing a new youthful look.

Diagnostic Phase. CT scans and 3D computer topography are made to evaluate the jawbone and bone volume including the teeth to be replaced. These scans provide critical information in the planning process allowing the dentist to see all the anatomical structures and the ideal position for implant placement.

The Planning Phase. Using all the information gathered, a computer simulation is performed where the implants are digitally positioned in the optimal and appropriate place to support the new teeth. Here is where the number of implants needed to achieve the best results is determined.

Implant Placement. With proper planning and state of the art techniques, any remaining teeth can be removed and the implants placed simultaneously as designed and predetermined from the 3D computer simulation. Once the implants are in the optimal position the new temporary teeth can be placed and secured to allow for proper healing. The implant placement allows for teeth in a day.

Healing with the temporary teeth. The temporary teeth are attached to the implant the same day. These teeth are considered temporary because they are made of a special plastic acrylic material. After complete healing occurs these teeth will be removed and a final set of permanent teeth will replace these temporary teeth. Even though these teeth are considered temporary you and your family and friends will be amazed at how beautiful and natural they look. Initially during this healing phase the dentist can determine if any changes are needed in the permanent teeth.

Permanent Teeth. When the healing process is complete, the dentist easily removes the temporary teeth and replaces them with the permanent ones. The permanent teeth are made of a stronger, longer lasting, more aesthetic material. The permanent implant supported teeth look and function like real natural teeth. They are maintained the same way natural teeth are by brushing and flossing. Maintaining your implant teeth this way will ensure years of carefree use.

Teeth in a Day, a New Beginning

Improvements in dental implants and state of the art materials now enable people who once couldn’t have implants due to poor bone or expense; to get the treatment they need and change their lives. With the advent of techniques, we can use fewer implants to replace missing teeth with improved results. Previously those who could not have this needed treatment can now enjoy improved health and a beautiful more youthful appearance. Due to continued research and development, more advanced diagnostic tools and new innovative treatment modalities, predictable success is now a reality in many previously untreatable situations.

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