Smile Makeovers in Palm Beach Gardens

Dr. Lerner and Dr. Lemongello are committed to creating the most beautiful smiles in Palm Beach and South Florida.  Technology has progressed at an amazing rate and technological advances in dentistry are equally amazing. We have the ability to create a new tooth in a day or provide digital x-rays in seconds with intricate detail.  Using digital imagery so you can preview your smile makeover is incredible. We are passionate about using the best technology and techniques to create stunning smile makeovers in Palm Beach Gardens.

What is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is different for each person.  The term became popular through many reality shows, like Extreme Makeover. Your smile is the one feature that immediately tells the world how you’re feeling every day.  Many things can affect a person’s smile and teeth.  With age, your smile can lose its vitality due to discoloration, tooth loss, excessive grinding or cavities and decay.  Yet no matter what your tooth trouble may be, there is a solution for the smile you’ve always wanted.


A smile makeover can include any combination of cosmetic dentistry treatments and integrates the latest technology to create a specific and customized dental plan for you. That plan might include simple tooth whitening, dental porcelain veneers dental crowns, dental bridges, dental implants, or a combination of procedures. Dr. Lerner and Dr. Lemongello in Palm Beach will customize a plan for you so you can have a smile that reflects who you really are.

What can I expect during my smile makeover consultation?

Dr. Lerner and Dr. Lemongello will take time to listen and understand your desires, expectations and cosmetic goals regarding your smile makeover.  They will perform a comprehensive examination of your teeth and smile.  Utilizing digital imaging they will create a preview of what is possible to improve your smile, blending with your facial features creating a smile that is right for you.

Once they understand your smile makeover goals, they will be able to make recommendations for treatment.  Your personalized smile makeover might include a few different treatments. Dr. Lerner and Dr. Lemongello will explain in detail everything involved in the process in order to give you a beautiful new smile so that you can make a confident and educated decision.

Why should Dr. Lerner and Dr. Lemongello perform my Smile Makeover?

When you visit our state of the art cosmetic dentistry office in Palm Beach you will immediately notice a difference.  Our friendly staff are exceptionally trained to help you feel comfortable and to listen to you as the patient.  Dr. Lerner and Dr. Lemongello have been trained at the highest levels in general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry to give you an unforgettable smile.  In addition to their training, both doctors have incredible experience, having performed hundreds of smile makeover procedures.  Because of their experience and documented results, both Dr. Lerner and Dr. Lemongello are asked to lecture and train other dentists around the country.

At the end of the day, you can have confidence knowing that our doctors and staff are committed to helping you with your life-changing smile makeover.

Call Dr. Lerner and Dr. Lemongello in Palm Beach today at (561) 627-9000 to schedule your smile makeover consultation and get the smile you deserve.

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