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Cosmetic dentists promise beautiful smiles but how do you know if they can deliver?

A beautiful smile is a big part of our appearance.  Cosmetic dentists promise beautiful smiles but how do you know if they can deliver?  Any dentist can call themselves a cosmetic dentist but does that mean they are qualified to provide you with the smile makeover you have dreamed about?  The cosmetic dentistry field has changed rapidly over the years.  A dentist who has not taken post graduate training in cosmetic dentistry may not be current with these advancements.  When considering cosmetic dentistry especially with porcelain veneers, look for training from well known graduate programs such as the Aesthetic Institute at New York University.  Our office is prepared to meet your cosmetic dentistry needs and not only have Drs. Lerner and Lemongello completed postgraduate training they teach at these institutes as well, lecturing nationally and internationally on diverse cosmetic dentistry topics.  Our patients understand what to look for when considering cosmetic dentistry.

Dental Myths exposed. Myth #1: All Dentists are the same.

Dental Myths exposed.  Myth #1:  All Dentists are the same.  When we graduate from dental school we all have the same basic knowledge to become excellent dentists but as in any profession there are always those members of the group that excel.  It is what happens after dental school that distinguishes one dentist from another.  After dental school it is up to the dentist to expand his knowledge and hone his skill.  Dentistry is both an art and a science.  The art of dentistry is something that comes natural like art or sculpture.  That is why some doctors excel in cosmetics.  The science of dentistry is equally important.  It is in this way that the doctor stays current with all the latest techniques and technology available to offer the highest quality of care available.  That is why Drs Lerner and Lemongello attend hundreds of hours of continuing education each year at some of the most prestigious institutes of learning.  When they are not attending dental education seminars they are often teaching them.  This is how they maintain their experience and leadership in dentistry and earn the respect of their peers and their patients.  Dental Myth exposed.  No, not all dentists are the same, nor is the care and service you receive.  Our office is prepared to offer you exceptional doctors, exceptional care and exceptional service.

Lumineers. Are they right for you?

Lumineers.  Are they right for you?  Lumineers, like traditional porcelain veneers, are ultra thin custom fabricated pieces of porcelain that are fabricated and bonded to the existing tooth to change its color, shape, position or to restore decay.   Lumineers are marketed as requiring no removal of tooth structure to enhance your smile.  The idea of removing mininmal amounts of tooth structure in the placement of veneers is not new.  In our office the goal has always been to be as minimally invasive as possible when providing porcelain veneers to enhance a smile.  Even though Lumineers claim to require no tooth removal this is not necessarily true.  Unless your teeth are small with space between them some tooth structure may need to be reshaped to provide the proper fit of a porcelain veneer whether a Lumineer or traditional veneer.  What is most important is to choose the right type of porcelain veneer for the situation being treated.  The idea that one type of porcelain veneer will fit all situations is not true.  If a Lumineer is the right choice they can be used.  If not, than traditional porcelain veneer may be the best choice.  It is important to choice a doctor that will spend the time to explain why a particular type of veneer is the right choice for you.  You want a doctor that is well versed in all types of porcelain veneers with the proper training to perform these procedures.  This way you can avoid the “one size fits all” mentality and build a relationship with a doctor that can provide what is best for you.

Staying current in Dentistry is extremely important

Staying current in Dentistry is extremely important.  Each day new discoveries are found in dentistry just like other professions.  Mastering these new techniques is vital in providing patients with optimal state of the art care. Knowledge and understanding of procedures and materials available for optimal care is extremely important.  That is why Drs. Lerner and Lemongello not only attend hundreds of hours of continuing education at some of the most prestigious institute of learning but why they also share that knowledge with the profession as guest lecturers both nationally and internationally.  Drs. Lerner and Lemongello are often sought out as mentors from their colleagues for this reason.

Leaders in the Field of Dentistry

At our dental practice we not only emphasize clinical expertise and outstanding  customer service, but also strive to differentiate ourselves as leaders in the field of dentistry.  We stand out as published authors in leading dental journals and as national and international lecturers on advanced dental techniques.  Our practice stays at the forefront of the profession because we utilize the newest technology to enhance patient care.  Our office elicits the talent of a master ceramist from a premier dental laboratory available to only a select few dental practices.  It is the ceramist who creates lifelike veneers not available to other dentists.  We have established a true blend of talent, state of the art dental treatment, 5 star customer service and old fashioned care that allows us to stand apart.  Furthermore, our dedication to the practice of dentistry extends far beyond the scope of our office.  We are involved with charitable organizations.  We participate in the “Give Back a Smile” organization, which restores the smiles of victims of domestic violence. We are confident that these aspects of our practice distinguish our care both    in our field and in our community.

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