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Dental Myths exposed. Myth #1: All Dentists are the same.

Dental Myths exposed.  Myth #1:  All Dentists are the same.  When we graduate from dental school we all have the same basic knowledge to become excellent dentists but as in any profession there are always those members of the group that excel.  It is what happens after dental school that distinguishes one dentist from another.  After dental school it is up to the dentist to expand his knowledge and hone his skill.  Dentistry is both an art and a science.  The art of dentistry is something that comes natural like art or sculpture.  That is why some doctors excel in cosmetics.  The science of dentistry is equally important.  It is in this way that the doctor stays current with all the latest techniques and technology available to offer the highest quality of care available.  That is why Drs Lerner and Lemongello attend hundreds of hours of continuing education each year at some of the most prestigious institutes of learning.  When they are not attending dental education seminars they are often teaching them.  This is how they maintain their experience and leadership in dentistry and earn the respect of their peers and their patients.  Dental Myth exposed.  No, not all dentists are the same, nor is the care and service you receive.  Our office is prepared to offer you exceptional doctors, exceptional care and exceptional service.

The highest quality of care possible

We often see patients who want to be assured they are receiving the highest quality of care possible.  It can be difficult to measure the quality of care in a service industry like dentistry.  There are however common factors for dentistry as in all businesses.  You often hear “you get what you pay for”.  Dentistry is no different.  Be cautious about claims for free treatment or special low prices for treatment such as crowns or implants.  It may be tempting to try to save money but there is a reason quality care costs more.  All crowns are not created equal.  Some are produced here in the United States with quality control using only the finest porcelain materials and high content gold metals.  Other cheaper versions can be produced in places like China where questionable materials and quality control can be passed off as a high quality product.  If a crown or implant is being advertised for hundreds of dollars less than most dentists charge than how could it be the same quality for so much less?  In the long term high quality care will pay for itself with improved health and fewer dental problems.  Poor quality care leads to additional treatments, more often and usually leads to poor health.

Updated Technology for Dental Radiography

Dental Digital Radiography is very similar to conventional radiography.  The significant difference is that analog film is replaced by an electronic sensor.  The electronic chip is far more sensitive than film; therefore significantly less radiation is required to provide an accurate image. This equates to much less x-ray exposure to the patient and a far lower radiation dosage than conventional film.   Comparing digital and conventional radiography is unfair.  Digital systems offer so many more options than film-based ones.  The storage of digital information is far simpler than film allowing greater access and improved diagnosis.  This is just one of the ways our office uses state of the art technology to improve the health of our patients.

Each Smile Makeover begins with a vision

Each Smile Makeover begins with a vision.  Usually it is the patient’s goal of a healthy beautiful smile.  We listen and with this information we make the vision a reality. Our vision for every new smile is to ensure an experience and end result that exceeds expectation.

Leaders in the Field of Dentistry

At our dental practice we not only emphasize clinical expertise and outstanding  customer service, but also strive to differentiate ourselves as leaders in the field of dentistry.  We stand out as published authors in leading dental journals and as national and international lecturers on advanced dental techniques.  Our practice stays at the forefront of the profession because we utilize the newest technology to enhance patient care.  Our office elicits the talent of a master ceramist from a premier dental laboratory available to only a select few dental practices.  It is the ceramist who creates lifelike veneers not available to other dentists.  We have established a true blend of talent, state of the art dental treatment, 5 star customer service and old fashioned care that allows us to stand apart.  Furthermore, our dedication to the practice of dentistry extends far beyond the scope of our office.  We are involved with charitable organizations.  We participate in the “Give Back a Smile” organization, which restores the smiles of victims of domestic violence. We are confident that these aspects of our practice distinguish our care both    in our field and in our community.

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