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Why do I need a Temporary Crown for my Implant

Recently one of our doctors was asked why it is necessary to have a temporary crown made for an implant?  This is a good question.  The reason a temporary is necessary, especially with a front tooth, is the role the implant temporary plays in healing.  When an implant temporary is placed it helps guide the gum tissue to grow around the implant in a natural way.  It also provides a foundation to support the gum so it doesn’t collapse and loose its shape.  Without a temporary a space can develop around the implant tooth leaving a gap between the teeth making the tooth look unnatural.  Our goal is to provide the most natural restoration possible.

Dental Myths exposed. Myth #1: All Dentists are the same.

Dental Myths exposed.  Myth #1:  All Dentists are the same.  When we graduate from dental school we all have the same basic knowledge to become excellent dentists but as in any profession there are always those members of the group that excel.  It is what happens after dental school that distinguishes one dentist from another.  After dental school it is up to the dentist to expand his knowledge and hone his skill.  Dentistry is both an art and a science.  The art of dentistry is something that comes natural like art or sculpture.  That is why some doctors excel in cosmetics.  The science of dentistry is equally important.  It is in this way that the doctor stays current with all the latest techniques and technology available to offer the highest quality of care available.  That is why Drs Lerner and Lemongello attend hundreds of hours of continuing education each year at some of the most prestigious institutes of learning.  When they are not attending dental education seminars they are often teaching them.  This is how they maintain their experience and leadership in dentistry and earn the respect of their peers and their patients.  Dental Myth exposed.  No, not all dentists are the same, nor is the care and service you receive.  Our office is prepared to offer you exceptional doctors, exceptional care and exceptional service.

Cosmetic Dentist?

Ever notice how every dentist now is a Cosmetic Dentist.  Any dentist can take a weekend course and consider themselves a cosmetic dentist.  Actually they don’t even need to take a course.  In today’s’ world just because a dentist has what appears to be a state of the art office doesn’t mean he is qualified in cosmetic dentistry. So how is a consumer hoping to transform their smile supposed to know who to choose?  One way is to ask the right questions!  Can the dentist show you before and after photos of other patients’ treated in the office?  Has the dentist taken hands on instruction in cosmetic dentistry?  Does the dentist teach these techniques to other dentists?  Do other specialists in the field recommend the dentist?  Can you personally speak to actual patients that have been treated?  In our office, Drs. Lerner and Lemongello can answer yes to all these questions.  Can the dentist you are considering treatment with do the same? If not perhaps you need to make an appointment in our office.

Dr. Lerner Lectures in London, England

The annual Aesthetic Advantage Hands on Continuum in London, England was hosted this past weekend by Aesthetic Advantage Seminars and the Aesthetic Institute at New York University.  It was well attended with doctors traveling from around the world to learn and expand their knowledge of aesthetic and restorative dentistry.  The topics included discussion and lectures on Occlusion, Porcelain Veneers and Aesthetic restorations.  Dr. Lerner lectured in London and was a Senior Clinical Instructor for the doctors in attendance where he guided those taking the Continuum in advanced aesthetic techniques in the preparation, provisionalization and cementation of aesthetic restorations creating lasting, beautiful smiles.

Dr. Lerner Lectures in London, England

Dr. Lerner recently lectured in London, England for the World Aesthetic Congress.  In attendance were more than 400 hundred dental professionals including many international speakers and prominent dentists from around the world.  His lecture topics included case presentations on creating optimal esthetics and function with a variety of restorative materials and techniques.  He shared his experience illustrating skill in utilizing special techniques to ensure a predictable, beautiful outcome with porcelain veneers while achieving a comfortable stable bite.  Highlighted were the steps necessary in proper planning and communication to achieve optimal results.  His lecture was well received by those in attendance.

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