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The role of the dental lab in your smile makeover.

The role of the dental lab in your smile makeover.  You might not have given the idea of which dental laboratory your dentist uses much thought.  You should because this is more important than you think.  Just like all dentists are not created equal neither are the dental laboratories.  Some dental laboratories are large facilities that cater to large quantities of dentists nationally.  This type of dental lab is the Wal-Mart of dentistry.  The teeth they produce are adequate but very little artistry goes into their creation.  This type of lab is available to every dentist and the quality is adequate.  The other type of dental laboratory is like a fine art specialty store.  Here the laboratory personal are more than just technicians stamping out teeth that all look the same.  This laboratory is usually owned by a Master Ceramist.  A Master Ceramist is someone who understands the art of creating a beautiful smile.  Their creations are indistinguishable from natural teeth.  Only a select few dentists who qualify in skill comparable to the ceramist are invited to use the laboratory to create beautiful smiles. Naturally the cost for teeth created by a Master Ceramist is very different than those created by the Wal-Mart technician.  Both will work.  The question is do you want your smile to be a custom fabricated work of art indistinguishable to natural beautiful teeth or do you want  standard “teeth”.  In dentistry as in all walks of life you get what you pay for and the best always costs more.

The placement of an Implant Crown

Today in our office we completed the placement of an implant crown on a patient with a missing front tooth.  This patient had the misfortune of fracturing his front tooth.  Working with our team of highly skilled surgeons the tooth was removed and a dental implant placed.  Special training and techniques are needed to make the implant tooth and more importantly the gum around it look real.  We work with nationally recognized specialists who have the necessary surgical training to properly place the implant and cultivate the correct environment for success.  The surgical expertise is equally important for a beautiful successful outcome.  Once healing was complete a provisional implant crown was created using specialized techniques to guide the gum tissue to grow and look natural around the implant.  The final all ceramic zirconium crown was fabricated by a master ceramist and cemented in place.  The result was a beautiful lifelike match to his other front teeth.

What kind of porcelain veneers do you use for smile makeovers?

What kind of porcelain veneers do you use for smile makeovers?  We are often asked this question.  What is most important is not what type of porcelain veneers we use but that the right type of veneer is used for the situation.  Not all patients are alike and not all teeth are the same.  Some teeth are strong and need very little treatment while others may require something very strong to restore it.  Different porcelain veneers are used based on what the patient needs to accomplish a beautiful long lasting result.  Most often we prefer to be as minimally invasive as possible and use super thin Feldspathic veneers, CAD/CAM milled veneers or pressed veneers.  Our goal is to use the right material for each patient.

Smile Makeover’s in 4 Days

Our patients are amazed at how fast a Smile Makeover can be achieved.  Normally, under most conditions this process involves two appointments from start to finish and is completed in approximately 2 weeks.  But what if your schedule is so demanding that 2 weeks may not be possible?  If this is your situation we can complete a smile makeover in 4 days.  This sounds impossible but it isn’t.  Our master ceramist is able to pre-schedule with us to complete your smile makeover in 4 days.  The same beautiful results achieved in 2 weeks can be yours in a weekend.  So if you think that you just don’t have the time to have a new smile, think again.  Our office team is able to coordinate everything necessary for you to have the beautiful smile you always wanted in our comfortable office.

Leaders in the Field of Dentistry

At our dental practice we not only emphasize clinical expertise and outstanding  customer service, but also strive to differentiate ourselves as leaders in the field of dentistry.  We stand out as published authors in leading dental journals and as national and international lecturers on advanced dental techniques.  Our practice stays at the forefront of the profession because we utilize the newest technology to enhance patient care.  Our office elicits the talent of a master ceramist from a premier dental laboratory available to only a select few dental practices.  It is the ceramist who creates lifelike veneers not available to other dentists.  We have established a true blend of talent, state of the art dental treatment, 5 star customer service and old fashioned care that allows us to stand apart.  Furthermore, our dedication to the practice of dentistry extends far beyond the scope of our office.  We are involved with charitable organizations.  We participate in the “Give Back a Smile” organization, which restores the smiles of victims of domestic violence. We are confident that these aspects of our practice distinguish our care both    in our field and in our community.

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