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What kind of porcelain veneers do you use for smile makeovers?

What kind of porcelain veneers do you use for smile makeovers?  We are often asked this question.  What is most important is not what type of porcelain veneers we use but that the right type of veneer is used for the situation.  Not all patients are alike and not all teeth are the same.  Some teeth are strong and need very little treatment while others may require something very strong to restore it.  Different porcelain veneers are used based on what the patient needs to accomplish a beautiful long lasting result.  Most often we prefer to be as minimally invasive as possible and use super thin Feldspathic veneers, CAD/CAM milled veneers or pressed veneers.  Our goal is to use the right material for each patient.

Lumineers, What are my options?

Lumineers, What are my options?  Lumineers are one type of porcelain veneer designed for prep-less or minimal preparation type porcelain veneer cases.  It is important to realize that there is not just one certain brand of ceramic, one particular manufacturer, or one specific laboratory that can create prep-less veneers.  The prep-less or minimal prep veneer is a technique, not a specific product.  Any ceramic can be used, and there are many expert ceramists who can give you wonderful results.  Success is reliant on the skill of the dentist and the ceramist.  It is also dependent on case selection and proper diagnosis of what is the best material and technique to achieve the best result according to the patients’ expectation.    Prep-less veneers may not be indicated for every case or even the majority of the cases but it should be available as an option.  Like Dr. Lerner and Dr Lemongello the doctor needs to be versed and proficient in all techniques.  In our office we will listen to your needs and provide guidance for you to make an informed choice.

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