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One of the Greatest Compliment

We are often humbled by the compliments given to us by our patients and peers.  One of the greatest compliments we receive is when one of our colleagues is willing to travel great distance to receive treatment in our office.  When another dentist is willing to travel from their home town where they could choose any dentist for treatment but choose us it is very fulfilling.  Drs. Lerner and Lemongello lecture internationally and are published authors in many of the professions respected journals.  It is through these contacts that they are exposed to many in the profession and are often called upon for guidance or to enhance other dentists’ smiles.  Recently a dentist from Tampa, Florida complimented us by being treated in our office.

Correction of Orthodontic relapse with Invisalign

Correction of Orthodontic relapse with Invisalign.  We saw a patient today from the Bahamas who received Orthodontic treatment when younger but failed to use retainers to maintain her teeth.  This resulted in their teeth moving back and becoming crooked again.  Now there is a simple solution to this problem without the need to return to traditional braces with metal brackets and wires.  Now straighter teeth can be achieved with Invisalgn.  Invisalign is a series of clear aligners worn regularly.  Slowly but surely crooked teeth are straightened.

Patient from Germany receives Smile Makeover

Patient from Germany receives smile makeover.  We often see in the news how Americans are traveling abroad for cosmetic procedures.  What we don’t hear about is how often patients travel here.  The United States is still considered by many to be the premier destination for medical procedures.  This is certainly true for Cosmetic dentistry.  The United States leads the world in Smile Makeovers.  Today our patient traveled from Germany to receive his dental treatment.  He received porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers to correct his bite and improve the appearance of his teeth. He was amazed at how easy it all went.  Fortunately, for most of us we don’t need to travel far to receive world class dental care.

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