All About Ceramic Crowns

If your teeth have become damaged due to extensive tooth decay, or injury to your mouth, it may be time to consider a ceramic crown to restore your smile. Dr’s Lerner and Lemongello will evaluate your injury or tooth damage and recommend the most appropriate method of dental restoration, with ceramic crowns being one of the most effective options available.

Ceramic crowns are essentially protective covers that fit over the entire surface of your tooth above the gum line. They are made from a ceramic material and are manufactured to blend in with the shape and color of your surrounding, healthy teeth.

Ceramic crowns often require more than one dental visit to be completely and permanently fitted. During your first visit your dentist will repair any underlying damage to your tooth by performing a root canal or other procedure. Then your tooth will be measured and molds will be created so that your dental crown can be made. While this is being done, you will likely be fitted with a temporary crown to wear until your permanent crown is completed.

Your permanent crown may take several weeks to be completed. At that time you will return to our office for a fitting and permanent application of your crown. Ceramic crowns are not only beautiful dental restorations but are also high functioning. Ceramic crowns are strong and function much like your existing, healthy teeth. You should plan to clean and care for them just as you would your other teeth with regular brushing, flossing and preventative care visits to the dentist’s office.

All of our cosmetic ceramic crowns are handcrafted to give you a beautiful aesthetic result. If you’re considering ceramic crowns in Palm Beach, Florida, please feel free to call our office to schedule an appointment.

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