The Benefits of a Dental Bridge

Are you missing several teeth? Tooth loss is an incredibly common condition experienced by patients of all ages and experiences. It can be caused by excessive tooth decay, gum disease or dental trauma. No matter what the cause of your tooth loss, it is very important to correct the gaps created by missing teeth. Leaving these gaps unattended can lead to further damage to your existing, healthy teeth as well as your gums and jaw.


There are several methods available for correcting tooth loss. One of the most popular methods of restoration is to receive a dental bridge. A dental bridge is literally used to bridge the gap created by a missing tooth or teeth. Dental bridges are strong, stable and natural looking. Many of our patients prefer a dental bridge to a removable partial denture for these reasons.


Dental bridges are anchored with dental implants or with abutments to the surrounding teeth. Then the gap, whether it is one or several teeth being replaced, is filled with artificial teeth. The abutments anchor the bridge, preventing it from shifting or moving during chewing.


If you are missing one or many teeth, it is important to restore your smile just as soon as possible. Contact Lerner & Lemongello today to schedule your consultation.

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