What is the best restoration for my tooth?

A patient recently asked one of our team members what types of materials are available to restore a tooth and what the best material is.  There is no one best material for every situation.  Generally there are four types of material available to restore a tooth.  Traditionally, silver filling material has been used but silver fillings are made up approximately 50% mercury.  Although this material is economical short term it has a number of problems associated with it.  Our doctors have not used amalgam silver fillings to restore teeth since 1995.  The other materials are Gold, Porcelain and Composite.  Each of these is good choice for just about any dental situation.  Gold is idea on molar teeth way in the back where the crushing and grinding force is the highest.  Porcelain is strong and esthetic and great for porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers where esthetics is critical.  Composite is a plastic resin material idea to bond to teeth and use to fill cavities.  The best choice in our office is to discuss your situation and make the best restoration choice based on your situation.

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