Is it better to have an Implant or a Root Canal?

Is it better to have an Implant or a Root Canal?  This is a good question.  Let’s discuss dental implants.  If the tooth in question is not structurally sound than an implant should be considered and may be your best choice.  If less than at least 1/3 of your natural tooth remains there may not be enough tooth left to restore.  A root canal could be completed but the difficulty lies in restoring the tooth with long term success in mind.  There is a minimal amount of tooth structure necessary to restore a tooth.  If there is not enough to structure left than a large post or strut will most likely be required to help support a crown.  If the ratio of the post to crown is poor than the post itself may also weekend the tooth even more.  If there is not enough tooth structure left than the tooth should be removed and an implant and crown placed.  Otherwise you may be investing a lot of money to save a tooth with a poor prognosis.  Our office and Dr. Lerner or Dr. Lemongello can discuss your situation and advise you on your best option.

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