Is it better to have a Root Canal or an Implant?

Is it better to have a Root Canal or an Implant?  This is a good question.  The answer is… depends on the condition of the tooth.  Let’s discuss Root Canal treatment.  If the tooth remains structurally sound and at least 1/3 of the tooth remains as a foundation to build onto than a Root canal may be the right treatment.  In order to save a tooth once treated with a root canal the tooth will usually require a crown to restore it to strength.  There is a critical limit of tooth structure required to be predictable long term.  If there isn’t than investing in the tooth may not be the best option long term.  What also needs to be understood is that this is still your natural tooth.  This means that this tooth could decay again and is prone to fracture just like any other restored tooth.  Our office and Dr. Lerner or Dr. Lemongello will discuss what your best option is in your specific case.

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