Should You Consider a Dental Bridge for Missing Teeth?

Tooth loss is a problem that has plagued humans for many centuries. We see evidence of attempted tooth replacement techniques dating back hundreds of years. When we look back through history, we realize that sustainable tooth replacement methods are relatively new. Thankfully, we live in a time in which we can take advantage of multiple options. One of the original techniques developed to replace one or a few missing teeth, the dental bridge, is still a viable option today, even in light of the many benefits of dental implants. Here, we discuss what a dental bridge is and why you may want to consider this restoration for your smile.

The Basics of a Dental Bridge

We cannot ponder the value of a dental bridge without a thorough explanation of this restorative fixture. A bridge is a small row of teeth that is made from durable ceramic or acrylic. It is made to affix somehow to natural teeth in between which one or more teeth have been lost. It is possible to receive a removable bridge, usually referred to as a partial denture. However, the most common prosthesis is the fixed bridge.

A fixed bridge looks like three or more natural teeth set right next to each other. This structure is made with a dental crown on each end. These crowns affix to two natural teeth that have been reduced to fit beneath the cover. The reason crowns are cemented to two healthy teeth is to secure the artificial tooth to a durable base. Once the bridge is affixed, chewing and speaking should feel natural.

Benefits of a Dental Bridge

Bridgework is an affordable care option that provides long-term results for most people. It is necessary to care for a dental bridge very well to prevent decay around the crowns or gum inflammation beneath artificial teeth. A special tool can be used to clean the area beneath the artificial tooth. Brushing around crowns should be done gently so as not to irritate the gums. Having a dental bridge installed achieves benefits such as:

  • An aligned bite
  • An attractive smile
  • Chewing efficiency
  • Preservation of facial structure and shape
  • Prevention of teeth-shifting
  • Correction of significant gaps between teeth

Your dentist in Palm Beach Gardens can help you understand the benefits of a dental bridge versus partial dentures or dental implants. To learn more, call (561) 627-9000.

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