Should You Consider a Smile Makeover?

We all tend to look in the mirror at least once a day. Sometimes, we even take a moment to check our teeth, or to check out our smile. When you do this, how do you feel? If cosmetic damage or flaws encourage you to spend the bare minimum amount of time looking at or showing off your smile, you may have wondered whether or not a smile makeover would benefit you.

You would think that the mere fact that one would ask that question would mean that a smile makeover could be one of the best decisions ever made. However, what happens with many people is that they get excited about the possibility of having an attractive smile and then immediately start to imagine an overwhelming cost.

We have something to say about this.

First, the cost of having a smile you don’t love is far more overwhelming than an investment made in getting the smile that perfectly suits your personality and character. Second, cosmetic dentistry is something we perform every day in our Palm Beach Gardens office. Much of the time, patients are surprised at just how affordable their treatment plan is.

Now, Let’s Talk about Your Smile

Why do so many people obtain cosmetic dental treatment from their trusted dentist, even treatments that aren’t “necessary” or covered by insurance? One reason: results. Cosmetic dentistry is enormously popular because people want to feel good about the way they look. We can smooth wrinkles and color our hair and wear great clothes, but our smile remains one of the pivotal aspects of our image. Therefore, it matters.

On a physical level, what a smile makeover does is brighten teeth. It may straighten teeth, or make them appear straight. A smile makeover may involve adjunct treatments that fill empty spaces in the smile and add renewed radiance while also making teeth fall into a cohesive line by making them appropriate lengths. This is just details. What matters is how a smile makeover makes you feel.

Patients who attend to the cosmetic concerns they have about their smile leave the office with a renewed sense of confidence. They feel “at home” in their own body because their smile accurately represents who they are and how they feel on the inside.

Cosmetic dentistry is rewarding for us because we see how rewarding it is for our patients. To learn more about our services, call 561-627-9000.

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