How Dental Bonding can Repair the Appearance and Function of your Smile!

Chips, cracks, and gaps between the teeth can have a negative impact on the smile’s overall appearance. If you live in or around the area of Palm Beach Gardens, FL and are interested in cosmetic improvements for the smile, the team of Lerner and Lemongello Dentistry encourage you to book a consultation visit with our staff and discuss your options. For many patients, composite resin bonding provides many advantages.

Understanding cosmetic resin bonding

Composite resin bonding, or “dental bonding,” is the use of a special material to reshape a tooth or disguise imperfections. Composite resin bonding is used for:

  • Covering chips and cracks
  • Reshaping an unusually shaped tooth
  • Covering teeth that are misaligned
  • Filling a tooth that has an area of decay
  • Disguising small gaps between the teeth

Many patients love the idea of having composite resin bonding treatments on their smile. It can cover up problems areas in just one appointment and provide lasting results. It is a faster and more affordable alternative to porcelain veneers, which are thin ceramic facings custom made to cover the same issues. Composite resin bonding is subjected to staining and discoloration over time, but this often doesn’t keep patients from considering it as an option, even while they are considering porcelain veneers in the long run. At Lerner and Lemongello, our dentists will assess a patient for a cosmetic restoration, and then discuss with them the pros and cons of each. Educating patients in this manner is the best way to ensure they have the information they need to make a knowledgeable decision for their specific needs.

Schedule a visit with Lerner and Lemongello Dentistry

Call the office of Drs. Jay M. Lerner and Gerard J. Lemongello today to book an appointment and learn about the advantages of using composite resin dental bonding to repair specific imperfections of the smile. Our practice is located in Suite #201 at 5601 PGA Boulevard and can be reached at (561) 627-9000. We encourage patients in the community of Palm Beach Gardens, FL to reach out to our practice and discuss general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry solutions for the smile!

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