Drs. Lerner and Lemongello describe how Dental Crowns are Used and Fabricated

Dental crowns are one of many dental restorations that are used by the professionals at Lerner and Lemongello Dentistry in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Also known as dental “caps,” dental crowns can be fabricated specifically for a patient to match the color, shape, and size of their existing teeth. There are many situations in which a patient may consider placing dental crowns.

Dental crowns can be used to:

  • Cover a dental implant to function as a natural tooth once did
  • Provide protection for a tooth that has a large filling or has undergone endodontic therapy
  • Reshape a tooth and protect it if it has been affected by a large crack or chip
  • Disguise a tooth that has permanent discoloration that cannot be improved with bleaching

How is a dental crown made?

Dental crowns are custom-made for patients, which requires the dentist to have a special knack for artistry. First, patients are assessed during a consultation appointment to determine fi they can benefit from a dental crown. Second, the tooth requiring the crown is properly prepared with the removal of a substantial portion of enamel. Third, impressions are taken of the natural tooth to create a reverse mold. Fourth, the impressions are mailed to a dental laboratory so a ceramist can fabricate the restoration based on the dentist’s specific instructions for color and size. Fifth, patients return back to the office in approximately one week when the dental crown is complete to have it bonded in place. The entire process can take approximately two weeks or less but provides a restoration that can last a decade or longer!

Interested in learning more how dental crowns can change your smile?

Contact Lerner and Lemongello Dentistry today to book a consultation visit with Drs. Jay M. Lerner and Gerard J. Lemongello. Our practice, conveniently located at 5601 PGA Boulevard, Suite #201 in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, is dedicated to helping patients in the community with their specific dental needs. Our friendly front office team can be reached for an appointment by calling (561) 627-9000. Schedule your visit today and find out how dental crowns can be used to restore and improve the appearance and health of your smile!

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