Feel Comfortable in Your New Dentures

Have you found yourself in need of full arch dentures? There are a number of reasons that patients of all backgrounds may suddenly require a denture device. Perhaps gum disease, tobacco use, trauma or age has caused you to lose your natural teeth. If this is the case you can rest assured that the professional team at Lerner and Lemongello are highly trained in denture creation and fitting and can give you a beautiful new smile.

However, no matter how beautiful your new smile, most patients will still need some time to grow accustomed to having a dental device in their mouth full time. In order to transition to denture wearing it is important to resume your normal activities slowly.

Some patients are fitted with dentures immediately after their teeth are pulled, which can only add to the temporary discomfort that your gums feel. However, if you begin wearing dentures after your gums have time to heal you may alleviate this discomfort.

Additionally, you should plan to reduce your chances of discomfort by starting slowly with foods and beverages. Consume foods that are soft in the beginning and slowly work your way up to your normal diet of foods. This will prevent early shifting or movement of your newly fitted dentures and as a result avoid rubbing and pain of the gums.

Finally, talk to your dentist about any pain or discomfort that you may be experiencing as a result of your new dentures. Ibuprofen may help reduce any early swelling of your gums – but it’s best to speak to a dental professional about your unique experience.

If you’re ready for full denture devices or have questions about the comfort of your new dentures contact Lerner and Lemongello today.

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