How Silver Diamine Fluoride May Change Cavity Care

Fluoride Therapy

Finding new tools in the fight against cavities is a constant drive of dental technologies. New techniques and technology are being created and explored every year with the aim of producing new treatments and preventatives of this most common of dental ailments. One innovation that is seeing rising interest in cavity treatment and prevention is silver diamine fluoride. Fluoride has long been known to be an effective preventative for cavities, but this new form takes it even further. Silver diamine fluoride is capable of not just preventing cavities, but stopping them dead in their tracks.

What Is Silver Diamine Fluoride?

Silver diamine fluoride is a treatment that’s been around for decades and in use throughout the world. However, it was only recently that it was authorized for use in the United States by the FDA. It comes as a water-soluble liquid that can be directly applied to the cavity using a small brush or a specific type of floss. It can be applied in mere seconds and instantly stops the progression of cavities in 80% of patients. While not all practitioners offer this option for treating cavities, those that do are providing a cost-effective and largely successful solution to their patients.

How Does SDF Work?

Two components of this three-element compound have the ability to immediately stop cavities from continuing to grow. This ability only works in relatively shallow cavities and is the result of the antibacterial action of both fluoride and silver. The fact that fluoride also has the ability to strengthen enamel and increase its resistance to decay creates the perfect combination with silvers antibacterial properties. The treatment is painless, quick, and costs less than $1 a tooth, making it easily the most affordable method for treating cavities on the market today.

Is Silver Diamine Fluoride Safe For My Children and Me?

One of the things that drive the availability of silver diamine fluoride is the fact that it is almost completely free from side-effects. The most common side-effect is that it turns areas that are undergoing decay permanently black. It is this side-effect that makes it a popular option for children who still have their baby teeth. The initial treatment can also leave a dark stain on gums, cheeks, and other tissues in the mouth. This staining, unlike that of the tooth, will disappear over time. Adults who receive this treatment often opt to have it done to teeth that aren’t visible when they smile. With these side-effects, an 80% success rate, and a very low price-point, its an increasingly attractive option for many patients.

Are you ready to consider the possibilities of SDF for treating cavities for you and your children? Reach out to Lerner & Lemongello in Palm Beach Gardens, FL today! Our office’s team of dental professionals is proud to provide the latest in dental technologies and treatments to their community. Don’t let the fear of expensive treatments for cavities keep you from having them addressed; contact us today and find out what SDF can do for you!

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