Why Does My Jaw Pop?

I was recently asked advice from a person regarding her Jaw joint.  It seems that she was aware of a popping and clicking when she opened and closed by didn’t think much of it.  Over time it progressively increased and she hoped it would resolve on its own until one day she could no longer open her mouth.  Overnight she went from clicking to feeling as if her jaw was now locked.   Her situation is common.  What is happening is the cartilage in her jaw joint (TMJ)was no longer sliding properly until eventually the cartilage slid out of position becoming trapped.  Once trapped it is much more difficult to treat the problem.  As with any other medical condition it is always better to treat it in an early stage.  Waiting only makes the situation worse.  If this problem is something you are experiencing it is important to bring this to the attention of a dentist.  Not all dentists are trained to treat Jaw joint problems so consult with a specialist in this area.  In our office our doctors are trained to identify and treat jaw joint problems early and if necessary provide a referral to a specialist before the situation worsens.

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