Do You Know How to Get Your Dream Smile? We Do!

Good teeth. We all want them, even if we don’t talk about it. There is a societal expectation for beauty today that has never been quite as strong. We have social media to thank for the trends that we love to follow, and also for the self-consciousness we may feel when we don’t see our truest reflection in our smile. At the office of Lerner & Lemongello in Palm Beach Gardens, we’ve got your best interest at heart. We would love to help you make your dream smile a reality, and we know how we can.

Dental Veneers for the Win

In recent years, consumers have heard more and more about porcelain dental veneers. Celebrities have become more transparent about the manner in which they achieve and maintain such beauty, and we have also seen veneers used on popular makeover shows. One of the reasons why porcelain veneer treatment is so popular is because of porcelain, in particular, looks incredibly natural. Another reason is that veneers, in general, can solve some problems in one fell swoop.

The Road to Perfection

You want a perfect smile, one that represents your personality. This means that your teeth and gums and lips are in harmonious proportion. The veneering process begins and ends with this in mind. To commence treatment, we discuss the way in which you would like your smile to improve. Are there gaps that you want to be closed? Is a tooth chipped or cracked? From obvious stains to odd shapes and sizes, there is a way to create veneers to successfully disguise the issues that downgrade your smile.

After concluding how we want to improve the smile, we go to work on the physical process of mildly altering teeth that we will treat. Traditional veneers require the modest reduction to make space for the thin sheath of porcelain to lie flush with the gums. Then, we can take impressions that guide the creation of your veneers. It is during a second visit when these final enhancements are affixed to the teeth you wish to improve.

Having a great smile is not something you should dream of, it’s something you should live. Learn more about options for veneer treatment at (561) 627-9000.

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