Loose Dentures are a Problem Your Dentist Can Handle

When teeth need to be replaced with a full set of dentures, change is expected. Just how much change, though, may come as a surprise.  Patents who visit Lerner & Lemongello for denture treatment can feel confident that we are meticulous in our planning and processing of every new dental fixture. We desire to help every denture-wearer feel good about his or her smile, and comfortable enough to enjoy their favorite foods. To us, loose dentures are not a problem to live with.

Denture Fit: A Work in Progress

A new denture can be a long-lasting fixture than enables you to chew and smile and speak with confidence. That being said, while the denture itself can last several years, the fit of that denture will likely change several times. This is because the jaw changes when there are no teeth and no roots to stimulate bone regeneration.  The amount of bone lost in the first 18 months after the seating of an initial denture can be substantial, so this period may require multiple follow-up visits to adjust the fit of upper and lower fixtures.

Considering Your Options for Well-Fitting Dentures

Historically, patients who wear standard dentures have supported proper fit with some denture adhesive. These products are applied to the underside of a denture and will create better suction between the arch of false teeth and the natural bony ridge of the jaw. Proper use of denture adhesive is necessary for optimal effect. For example, a cream or paste adhesive must be applied to a clean, dry denture to adhere well. Too much product will cause oozing from beneath the denture.

Another option and one that should be considered right away if denture adhesives are not achieving the desired level of stability is to see your dentist. In some cases, a simple adjustment to the dentures may resolve the problem and restore comfort and confidence. If looseness recurs frequently, consider speaking with us about transitioning into an implant-supported denture.

We are for your smile because we care about your smile. Call our Palm Beach Gardens office for personal care and optimal results.

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