LUMINEERS Are Made to Last

The idea of a smile makeover was once a pretty intimidating concept. Patients may have envisioned hours in the dental chair under a drill or some other dental contraption. Thanks to the development of innovative techniques and materials, a smile makeover isn’t nearly as complex as it used to be. Today, most transformations require only two or three visits.

One of the most advantageous transitions in dentistry has been the use of porcelain veneers to cover stubborn stains, chips, gaps, and other flaws or injuries. Next, to that, it has been the development of no-prep veneers like LUMINEERS that have paved the way for more patients to obtain smiles they love.

Slight Differences Lead to Outstanding Experiences

Why would we need something like LUMINEERS when porcelain veneers are so very capable of achieving the intended outcome? The answer is easy: because not every patient wants to have their teeth permanently altered, even when the aesthetic value will be improved. There is no doubt that porcelain veneers are one of the best cosmetic procedures around. There is also no denying the fact that maintenance is required. If a veneer were to chip or break, it would need to be replaced because an altered tooth cannot be without a cover.

It is not possible to apply a standard veneer, which is about as thick as a fingernail, over a tooth without some prep-work. The end-result would look bulky and unnatural. LUMINEER veneers are thinner, comparable to a contact lens, so direct application is possible without inhibiting the natural appeal of the smile.

Cerinate Porcelain: Durable and Attractive

To meet the needs of patients, and the standard of discerning cosmetic dentists, any treatment must offer longevity regarding results. For an ultra-thin veneer to be valuable, it must also retain structural durability for years. Many patients who have elected to enhance their smile with LUMINEERS remain happy with their fixtures two decades after treatment. This is in part due to the bonding process, which creates strength. It also has to do with the durability of cerinate porcelain, from which these no-prep veneers are made.

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