Lumineers. Are they right for you?

Lumineers.  Are they right for you?  Lumineers, like traditional porcelain veneers, are ultra thin custom fabricated pieces of porcelain that are fabricated and bonded to the existing tooth to change its color, shape, position or to restore decay.   Lumineers are marketed as requiring no removal of tooth structure to enhance your smile.  The idea of removing mininmal amounts of tooth structure in the placement of veneers is not new.  In our office the goal has always been to be as minimally invasive as possible when providing porcelain veneers to enhance a smile.  Even though Lumineers claim to require no tooth removal this is not necessarily true.  Unless your teeth are small with space between them some tooth structure may need to be reshaped to provide the proper fit of a porcelain veneer whether a Lumineer or traditional veneer.  What is most important is to choose the right type of porcelain veneer for the situation being treated.  The idea that one type of porcelain veneer will fit all situations is not true.  If a Lumineer is the right choice they can be used.  If not, than traditional porcelain veneer may be the best choice.  It is important to choice a doctor that will spend the time to explain why a particular type of veneer is the right choice for you.  You want a doctor that is well versed in all types of porcelain veneers with the proper training to perform these procedures.  This way you can avoid the “one size fits all” mentality and build a relationship with a doctor that can provide what is best for you.

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