Lumineers. So what are they?

Lumineers.  So what are they?  We are often asked about Lumineers.  Lumineers are actually a type of porcelain veneers that has been marketed with a proprietary name.  Years ago the company made the decision to market their “brand” of porcelain veneers as Lumineers.  Traditional veneers like Lumineers are ultra thin custom fabricated pieces of porcelain that are fabricated and bonded to the existing tooth to change its color, shape, position or to restore decay.   The important thing to realize is that Lumineers may or may not be your best choice and do not fit all situations.  Lumineers may be right for you but instead of making one type of porcelain veneer fit all cases you want to see a dentist that is well versed in all techniques.  This way you can make the best choice.

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