Manual or Electric? No Worries – Just Brush!

You know this. You’ve got this. But we are going to remind you nonetheless – Brush and floss your teeth twice a day – but should you use a manual or a power (electric) brush?

Back in the day, the two decisions you had to make regarding your toothbrush were the color of the handle and whether you wanted soft, medium or firm bristles. You have lots of choices in today’s dental arsenal – from the size of the bristles, to their texture and firmness, to the ones that change color when it’s time to get a new brush. And then there are electric or power toothbrushes.

A standard toothbrush can definitely get the job done if you remember to use it properly every day. That means brushing two full minutes in order to get to every tooth surface. That’s when the power of an electric toothbrush may come in handy. It can cover a larger area faster and clean more surfaces in the same amount of time. When you brush by hand, you give your teeth about 300 strokes per minute – compared to thousands of strokes per minute with a power or electric brush. Here are some other things to consider:

  • Power brushes are better at cleaning your teeth. This equals less plaque and gum disease.
  • Power brushes are especially helpful for people who have trouble using their hands, children (because they are much more fun to use), people with dental braces (they clean around the metal parts much better), and the “lazy brusher.”
  • The main drawback to the electric toothbrush is the cost. Regular toothbrushes usually cost a few dollars; you will spend much more on an electric one.
  • The brush heads for power brushes need to be replaced just as often as manual brushes (about every three months), so this is an extra expense to consider.
  • Manual brushes are smaller and can be easily tucked into a purse.

The take-away remains the same: Your teeth are meant to last. Take care of them.

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