Have you Missed Seeing Your Dentist? Then You’re Missing a Lot!

Throughout childhood, a lot of focus is placed on dental care. As children, most of today’s adults spent time in the dentist’s office every year – a few times a year. As adults, many have passed along this tradition to their children, keeping up with the visits children need to develop healthy teeth and gums. Somewhere along the way, though, life often gets in the way of the adult obtaining those twice-a-year dental exams and cleanings.

There are so many reasons that can be given for missing dental appointments. When our teeth feel good and are not sending us warning signals, it’s easy to forget the value of professional care. When our teeth do start to tell us that something is wrong, another interesting thing may happen: we may ignore the signs. If you can relate to any reason for skipping out on a dental visit, or a few, or for not seeing the dentist for several years, we want you to know it’s ok. Let’s move forward together to set your oral health on the right track. By resuming a routine that involves professional dental care, you stop missing out on . . .


You’ve heard that adage “knowledge is power.” Well, it’s true! It’s even true when it comes to your health and wellness. When you visit our friendly team on a routine basis, you become familiar with our faces and our ways of treating you. This is a form of empowerment. When you are in the dental office, you have the opportunity to ask questions about your exam, your x-rays or other imaging, and about the treatment options that will best meet your needs. We are happy to talk with you about dentistry; it’s our passion!

Peace of Mind

When you know what is happening in your mouth, you gain peace of mind. How much better is it to approach an upcoming dental visit with the knowledge that your teeth were just checked and cleaned six months ago! Not much can go wrong in that short of a period. It is for this reason that routine dental care is one of the best things a person can do to overcome the fear of the dentist.

Drs. Lerner and Lemongello have been service patients from the Palm Beach Gardens area for several years. Our team would be happy to see your smiling face soon. To schedule a visit, call (561) 627-9000.

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