When You Need to See Your Dentist for a Toothache

You’ve got a toothache. Of course, the thought that you need to see the dentist is going to go through your head. This is an accurate assessment. The very fact that pain exists means that there could be a problem with a tooth or with your gums. Seeing that dental problems like gum disease and tooth decay are progressive and will only worsen until they are treated, it is safe to say that any type of tooth pain should be brought to your dentist. That being said, there are certain types of tooth pain that need to be evaluated right away. We want to point out what those are.

Acute, Sudden Pain

Tooth pain typically doesn’t pop up out of the blue. If it does, and the pain is disruptive to your ability to be in the present moment, you need to call your dentist. Pain may be temporarily alleviated by rinsing the mouth with warm salty water, but it could indicate that infection has sprouted inside of a tooth. Usually, we expect to see decay on the outermost area of enamel. However, it is possible for bacteria to also enter the inner part of the tooth through the roots or through a tiny fracture. If treatment does not occur quickly, the tooth may fail and extraction may be necessary.

Throbbing Tooth Pain

Pain that throbs with the beat of your heart is concerning to your dentist and may need to be treated with root canal therapy. Every situation is unique, but this type of pain often indicates an infection we call abscess. A tooth abscess is a condition in which bacteria and fluid have become entrapped in a sac of tissue. This may be visible on the gums, but abscesses are often hidden beneath the surface. An abscess can create a serious problem if the bacteria-filled sac ruptures, so throbbing pain is not something to ignore (as if you could).

Sharp Sensitivity

There is mild sensitivity that may occur when you rinse your mouth with cold water, or when you drink a hot cup of tea. Then there is a sharp sensitivity that may also relate to the temperature of foods, and may even happen when you take a deep breath. Sharp pain like this could mean two things: either a cavity (yay! Easy treatment!) or an abscess (see your dentist today if possible!).

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