The New Face of Tooth Replacement

For teeth to be of service, they must be functional. Teeth that are failing make eating a painful event. Diseased, painful teeth steal your desire to smile and laugh. Such a situation can lead to feelings of isolation, and may even impact general health due to poor food choices. Complete tooth replacement may seem a complex and lengthy process. It’s not. Patients of our Palm Beach Gardens office can rediscover the joy of a healthy, stable smile in just one day.

New Teeth in a Day

Restoration of full-mouth function used to take quite a bit of time, even after the development of dental implants. The Teeth in a Day protocol enables us to resolve the concerns related to tooth loss, and also related to the tooth replacement process. Primarily, this treatment enables patients to leave the office with new teeth filling their smile. No wait-time. No feeling self-conscious due to a lack of teeth. Just one benefit after the next, including:

  • Immediate restoration of chewing ability and confidence.
  • Reinstatement of natural function, from tooth to root-tip.
  • Support of natural jaw, muscle, and nerve function needed for chewing and speaking.
  • Prevention of bone loss due to the immediate replacement of teeth roots.
  • Long-term functionality and natural sensation.

An Innovative Solution to an Age-Old Problem

The reason why Teeth in a Day is possible is that we are now able to replace teeth roots with small titanium cylinders. Before the extraction procedure, models are made of the mouth, and temporary dentures are fabricated ahead of time. When teeth are extracted, a strategic number of dental implants is inserted into certain sockets. The temporary denture can then be affixed to these posts to restore form and function.

Learn More About Tooth Replacement

In our Palm Beach Gardens office, we take the time to answer your questions about treatment options that will help you obtain the kind of smile you’d like to have. We understand the gravity of tooth loss and perform treatment with the level of care you deserve. To learn more about dental implants and Teeth in a Day, call (561) 627-9000.

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