Reasons to Like your Dentist

At Lerner & Lemongello, we work hard to give each patient what he or she needs most: quality dental care in a friendly environment. While a large percentage of our patients have positive feelings toward dentistry, we understand that there are individuals for whom dental visits are associated with negative emotions like fear, anxiety, stress, and frustration. According to statistics, it seems that dental anxiety affects nearly three-quarters of the population! So, if you are one who tends to avoid seeing the dentist, you’re certainly not alone. However, consider reasons why you might actually like¬†your dentist.

  1. Good dentists outnumber the “bad.” If you have had a bad experience with one dentist, you could be turned off to the rest of them. The truth is, the right care from a dentist with a positive manner and a wealth of training and experience can turn things around, both in your mouth and in your attitude toward dentistry.
  2. Your dentist really does want to help you. Dentists do not choose their profession because they like poking around in people’s mouths. Well, they do, but not with the intent of causing discomfort. We view our role as your dental team as a supportive network that will help you avoid painful situations!
  3. Your dentist is there when you need care. Ideally, you will never fall victim to a dental emergency. But if you do, you want to know that your comfort will be restored right away. This is when it pays to have an established working relationship with a dentist whom you like and trust. There is nothing like an urgent need to make you want to see your dentist!

Drs. Lerner and Lemongello have been focusing on the diverse needs of patients for more than 30 years. Throughout their time in private practice, each has maintained a strong interest in continued education at some of the leading colleges and dental institutions. Patients of our office in Palm Beach Gardens have the opportunity to work with a dentist that is intent on creating positive experiences and smiles that are healthy and attractive.

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