Straight teeth are healthier teeth

Straight teeth are healthier teeth.  It is common during a hygiene examination to overhear conversation about healthy teeth.  It is surprising for most to find out that straight teeth are healthier than crooked teeth.  How is that so?  Well if we look closely at straight teeth we find all the teeth lined up evenly without any overlap between the teeth.  This allows all surfaces of the teeth to be cleaned.  When teeth are crooked, the teeth overlap each other making it hard to clean in between.  Also, straight teeth wear evenly across the edges.  Crooked teeth, all at different levels and position wear unevenly.  Crooked teeth that overlap and are at different positions are more prone to decay, gum disease and wear.  Straightening crooked teeth can be easily achieved with InvisalignOur goal is to provide our patients with choices to maintain optimal dental health.  Having straight teeth is one way to achieve optimal health.

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