Are you Struggling with One of These 4 Cosmetic Concerns?

Appearance is something that most of us like to change from time to time. We may do so by following the latest fashion trends, or by cutting our hair a different way. Did you know that you can also change your appearance by paying attention to your smile? More people realize that they aren’t stuck with the smile-Mother Nature gave them. We see this demonstrated in the large numbers of cosmetic dentistry treatments performed in our Palm Beach Gardens office.

There may be no better way to optimize personal image than by reviving the liveliness of the smile, and we don’t mean brightening with teeth whitening treatment. To bring new life to the smile means something very different for every person. For you, it may mean correcting one of 4 common cosmetic problems with porcelain veneers.

  1. Unpleasant color. Discoloration is not the same across the board, which means that professional teeth whitening cannot resolve all types of staining. A tooth that has been injured, for instance, may turn gray. Tetracycline use during childhood may also cause teeth to appear slightly gray. These stains are inside of the tooth and cannot be whitened. They can, however, be masked beneath veneers.
  2. Odd shape. One of the characteristics of an attractive smile is consistency. When we observe the visible row of teeth, the eye expects certain shapes. One tooth that does not fall into line in this arena can throw the whole smile off. A porcelain veneer or set of veneers creates a new shape and a whole new smile.
  3. Sizing issues. Just as the eye wants to see consistency in the smile, it also expects symmetry. The ratio of teeth-to-gums or lips can be perfected, if necessary, by making teeth appear longer and more prominent in the smile.
  4. Spacing or turning. Ideally, the teeth that are visible when you smile will face in the appropriate direction. Also, the space between teeth will ideally be small and uniform across the smile line. When gaps or turned alignment create a visual disturbance, veneers may be the ideal cosmetic solution.

Drs. Lerner and Lemongello are both members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Their training and experience are focused on creating beautiful, natural results for each of our patients. Learn more about porcelain veneers by scheduling a consultation with us.

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