The Top 5 Benefits of Using Dental Bridges

dental bridges Missing teeth are not just a cosmetic issue. They can affect your daily life in various ways and cause problems with your other teeth. Dental bridges provide a great option for replacing teeth.

A dental bridge has abutments for support and artificial teeth to replace missing teeth. These bridges can replace a single tooth or multiple missing teeth in a row. This tooth replacement option offers some important advantages.

The Top 5 Benefits of Using Dental Bridges

1. Stop Tooth Shifting

Did you know that the teeth next to a gap often shift to fill it in? This can create an uneven appearance and cause trouble with tooth alignment. Dental bridges help prevent shifting from happening.

2. Improve Your Smile

The artificial tooth in a dental bridge can be custom-made to resemble your natural teeth. This helps restore your smile, which can give your self-confidence a boost. You will not have to worry about having a noticeable gap when you talk or smile.

3. Prevent Speaking Problems

Missing teeth can affect your speech. Using a dental bridge to fill in these gaps can help ensure that you speak clearly.

4. Prevent Chewing Difficulties

When you have a missing tooth, you might have difficulty chewing food. This can end up affecting your diet. With a dental bridge, you can look forward to eating without any chewing problems.

5. Offers Non-Invasive Tooth Replacement Options

Most types of dental bridges are non-invasive, while other kinds of tooth replacement procedures are invasive. For example, dental implants involve having posts placed inside your jawbone. Non-invasive bridges are less risky and can be done more quickly.

Is a Dental Bridge Right for You?

This depends on the number and location of missing teeth, along with other factors. Keep in mind that different types of dental bridges are used for replacing teeth, including:

  • Traditional dental bridge
  • Cantilever dental bridge
  • Maryland dental bridge
  • Implant-supported bridge

Dental Bridges at Lerner and Lemongello

Tired of having missing teeth? Dental bridges might be the best option for you, but our dentists in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, can let you know for sure. Call Lerner and Lemongello at 561-627-9000 to schedule an appointment.

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