TMJ? Treatment is Available

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, also known as TMJ, is any inconsistency that affects your jaw joint. Most commonly, TMJ affects the joint that connects the lower jawbone to the upper jaw, which is responsible for the opening and closing of your mouth. TMJ can be caused by heredity, trauma to the mouth or most commonly, overuse over time.

If you believe that you may have TMJ, it is important to know that treatment is available and that you should seek professional treatment sooner rather than later. Untreated TMJ disorders can lead to teeth grinding and other bone problems within your teeth, gums and jaw.

TMJ is normally identified by a clicking or popping sound when you open and close your mouth or jaw. However, less obvious symptoms such as pain within your face, neck or ears along with frequent headaches and even toothaches may be attributed to TMJ.

Only a trained dentist can diagnose your TMJ condition, and prescribe the appropriate treatment plan for your recovery or management of TMJ. Often, over the counter pain relievers are sufficient to manage the early signs of TMJ, however you dentist can prescribe stronger methods of pain relief if necessary.

Additionally, muscle relaxers or sedatives could be prescribed for your treatment. With prolonged pain patients may be advised of physical therapy routines to improve the effects of their TMJ, and bite guards may be prescribed to prevent grinding and mouth pain.

Don’t spend another moment in pain from use of your jaw. Contact Lerner & Lemongello for a consultation to diagnose and treat your TMJ today.

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