Tooth Whitening and the Internet

I recently read an article on how a savvy mom recently explored the internet for ways to whiten her teeth.  What she found was many different offers and whitening materials.  Initially this would sound like a reasonable way to find an economical way to whiten her teeth.  When I realized that she had contacted different companies and received whitening material from many of them and she started mixing different materials and techniques together in a way she thought was giving her a great result,  I became very concerned.  This may seem harmless but any time you mix different ingredients and different techniques together in a way they were never meant to be used you increase your risk for negative side effects.  For illustration you wouldn’t go and purchase many different types of cold remedies and use them together all at once.  In doing so you would now be mixing ingredients together that by themselves are not harmful but together could amount to a disaster.  Many of the whitening materials used over the counter are effective.  It is the careless mixing of materials advertised on the internet that you need to exercise caution with.  After all, you are not using these materials under the supervision of a dentist. Without the advice of a dentist, who would you turn to if you had questions or began to experience complications, the internet whitening companies?

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