Toothy-Gaps Are Meant For Pumpkins!

Fall is here, complete with crispy air, changing leaves and jolly, carved pumpkins.
While a gap-toothed smile may look great on a pumpkin, if you are missing teeth, especially front teeth, chances are you’re not smiling.

Missing teeth, even if it’s just one, tempt fate. Why? Because gaps in your teeth set the stage for future dental problems.

  • When you bite and chew you create energy. Your teeth transfer that energy down through the tooth into your jawbone, stimulating it to regenerate itself and maintain a healthy bone mass. Without the stimulation from one or more teeth, the bone beneath the empty space begins to deteriorate and lose mass.
  • A missing tooth creates a space. The adjacent teeth move into the space to try and fill it. When your teeth move, your bite and tooth alignment become a problem.

If you have a missing tooth or teeth, you have two replacement options: dental implants or a dental bridge.

Explain, please…
A dental bridge spans the gap of your missing tooth. It requires healthy teeth on each side of the space (abutment teeth) to hold the replacement tooth (pontic) in place. Caps (crowns) are placed onto the teeth on either side of the missing tooth and the replacement tooth sits between them, forming a bridge.

Replacement teeth are made of porcelain or ceramic, to your specific dimensions, as gauged from impressions taken of your teeth.

To prepare for a bridge, the abutment teeth have some of their enamel removed to make room for the crowns. Impressions are taken of your mouth so that the bridge can be made. A second appointment is necessary to check the fit of the bridge.
When the fit is perfect, the crowns are cemented onto the abutment teeth and you have a full set of teeth once again.

Remember: Cavities can still form underneath a bridge, so it is essential to practice good dental habits and follow your dentist’s instructions for care and maintenance.

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