Understanding inlays and onlays as dental restorations

At Lerner & Lemongello Dentistry, patients in and around the area of Palm Beach Gardens, FL have the ability to repair and restore their smile with solutions such as inlays and onlays.

What is an inlay/onlay?

When patients develop conditions such as dental decay, a dentist will often provide a restoration called a filling. This is a material that is used to fill the hole left behind by the cavity after it has been treated. However, there are times when patients may have larger areas of decay which require more extensive care. Some of these can be addressed with a dental crown, but there are situations when a dental crown may be too much. These patients are often better addressed with an alternative such as an inlay or onlay. These are ceramic restorations that are larger than fillings but smaller than crowns and can be bonded in place in smaller areas to seal off a tooth that has experienced decay. Drs. Jay M. Lerner and Gerard J. Lemongello can assess a patient and determine if inlays and onlays are better suited for a particular patient.

Why choose inlays and onlays?

Inalys and onlays are natural-looking restorations that are made to match the existing tooth structure, color, and shape for seamless integration. These restorations are more conservative than dental crowns, but can fill larger areas that cannot be addressed with fillings alone. Inlays and onlays are affordable, effective, and aesthetic.

What other options are available?

If an area of decay is smaller, a composite resin filling may be used to address the area, while larger areas may benefit from the placement of a dental crown. During an initial evaluation, our professionals will determine which is most appropriate for a patient’s specific needs.

Interested in finding out about conservative treatments for dental decay?

Contact the office Lerner & Lemongello Dentistry today to discuss your options. The practice is located at 5601 PGA Boulevard #201 in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and can be contacted at (561) 627-9000. Call Drs. Jay M. Lerner and Gerard J. Lemongello to learn about inlays and onlays among other restorative solutions.

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