The Value of a Beautiful Smile Has No End-Date

Early adulthood is often a time of substantial learning. We learned to care about everything from how we would pay the rent and put food on the table to how we showed up to work each day. Now more than ever, young adults are cognizant of their appearance. The prevalence of social media has made a lot of the adult population more aware of how they look, and more concerned with looking good at all times. This actually doesn’t end the older we get. However, instead of worrying about how they may look in the daily selfie, older adults may have different reasons for wanting to maintain the attractiveness of their smile.

It has often been said that a smile is one of our most attractive features, or at least one of the most noticeable. What makes a smile attractive, according to research, is its straightness and its radiance. This sounds simple enough, right? But there is a starting point. That starting point is recognizing the value of that radiant smile at any age. Older adults are doing more living today than their ancestors may have, but they may forget how the smile affects that living.

An Attractive Smile is a Powerful Asset

Our smile is how we welcome others into our “bubble.” This is as true for an eighty-year-old as it is for a twenty-year-old. When teeth are dull and poorly-kept, it doesn’t’ matter how old a person is, he or she will be perceived as unfriendly, older, and even lazy. This, again, also comes from research. Why would this matter to the older adult?

From what we can see, we live in an era of activity. Older adults are maintaining much more so than their parents. They are not retiring, at least not fully, when the world expects them to. They may even begin second careers later in life. There is no end-date on relationships, either. Older adults are dating, they are volunteering, they are going on trips with friends and, in general, making the most of their freedom.

Revamping the smile can be an excellent way for any older adult to increase their personal power in the workplace and in their social life. From teeth whitening to veneers to lifelike dentures, our team has the expertise to bring out the best in a smile. Learn more about the cosmetic and restorative dentistry services available in our office in Palm Beach Gardens. Call (561) 627-9000.

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