Ways to Remember to Brush Your Teeth

Your parents (as parents do!) probably put a lot of effort into teaching you how to brush your teeth and then reminding you to brush before school and before bed. But it is quite possible that, over the years, you have gotten a bit busy, and brushing your teeth may be the last thing on your mind every day. No matter how old you get, taking care of your oral health is important, and so is remembering to brush! Here are a few simple tips to help you get back into the tooth brushing habit.

Set up reminders

Although you may have dozens of reminders set up for yourself throughout the day, this is one more reminder you should definitely include. This can be as simple as a sticky note on the fridge or as sophisticated as an alarm on your phone. You can even do something as simple as putting your toothbrush on your pillow after you’ve used it so that you can’t miss it as you are getting into bed.

Get a tooth brushing buddy

If you have kids, you have the perfect toothbrushing buddies right there at home. You can remind each other to brush, and of course, it is very likely that they will be the ones reminding you!

Reward yourself

It sounds a bit silly, but you should reward yourself when you do something great, right? Promise yourself that if you remember to brush for an entire week, you’ll treat yourself to something special. Again, if you have kids, the reward can be for the both of you, after a successful toothbrushing week.

Your parents can’t be around all the time to remind you to brush!  However, if you can remember to brush consistently for a few days, it will quickly become a habit, one that is very important for your health and one that will save you a lot of pain and expense in the future. Lerner & Lemongello can help you to take care of your teeth, with expert treatment, a dental implant, or another restorative option. Call the office in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, at (561) 627-9000, for an appointment!

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