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Have you Missed Seeing Your Dentist? Then You’re Missing a Lot!

General Dentistry Palm Beach Gardens, FL

General Dentistry Palm Beach Gardens, FL Throughout childhood, a lot of focus is placed on dental care. As children, most of today’s adults spent time in the dentist’s office every year – a few times a year. As adults, many have passed along this tradition to their children, keeping up with the visits children need to develop healthy teeth and gums. Somewhere along the way, though, life often gets in the way of the adult obtaining those twice-a-year dental exams and cleanings.

There are so many reasons that can be given for missing dental appointments. When our teeth feel good and are not sending us warning signals, it’s easy to forget the value of professional care. When our teeth do start to tell us that something is wrong, another interesting thing may happen: we may ignore the signs. If you can relate to any reason for skipping out on a dental visit, or a few, or for not seeing the dentist for several years, we want you to know it’s ok. Let’s move forward together to set your oral health on the right track. By resuming a routine that involves professional dental care, you stop missing out on . . .


You’ve heard that adage “knowledge is power.” Well, it’s true! It’s even true when it comes to your health and wellness. When you visit our friendly team on a routine basis, you become familiar with our faces and our ways of treating you. This is a form of empowerment. When you are in the dental office, you have the opportunity to ask questions about your exam, your x-rays or other imaging, and about the treatment options that will best meet your needs. We are happy to talk with you about dentistry; it’s our passion!

Peace of Mind

When you know what is happening in your mouth, you gain peace of mind. How much better is it to approach an upcoming dental visit with the knowledge that your teeth were just checked and cleaned six months ago! Not much can go wrong in that short of a period. It is for this reason that routine dental care is one of the best things a person can do to overcome the fear of the dentist.

Drs. Lerner and Lemongello have been service patients from the Palm Beach Gardens area for several years. Our team would be happy to see your smiling face soon. To schedule a visit, call (561) 627-9000.

Should You Rethink Your Hygiene Routine?

General Dentistry Palm Beach Gardens, FL

General Dentistry Palm Beach Gardens, FLWe’re coming to that wonderful time of year when we tend to look forward with excitement. We may even make plans to bring more joy into our life, more well-being or more success. Even if you don’t consider yourself a resolution-maker, there may come a time at which you want to make a positive change to make your life better in some way, such as adding more ease to your daily schedule. We have a suggestion that can facilitate this and even provide more benefit than you may imagine.

Let’s Talk about that Toothbrush

Oral hygiene doesn’t take much of our time each day, a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes at night, before bed. Still, brushing and flossing can feel like a chore. If you do this daily and still hear from your dentist that you have slight gingivitis or a cavity or two, you may feel somewhat defeated. What good does it do to brush and floss if you don’t get the results you want? Don’t just question, make a change. Consider swapping out your manual toothbrush for an electric model. Here’s what could happen . . .

Electric toothbrushes have been around for a long time. Therefore, you might think you know all about them. An electric toothbrush has batteries that make the bristles move more quickly. Big deal. Yes! It’s a big deal. In fact, there’s even more to it than a vibrating head. Electric toothbrushes come in a variety of types now. There are ultrasonic brushes that vibrate so high that plaque gets dislodged from teeth. There are ionic toothbrushes that use mild electrical current for plaque removal. Some high-tech toothbrushes even have a timer, so you brush for the full two-minutes you’re supposed to. Seeing that efficiency and consistency are the two key elements of a healthy mouth, this is enough reason to consider a good electric toothbrush for your personal use.

Every person gains performance benefits when they switch to an electric toothbrush, regardless of type. In certain instances, these gains are significant. For instance, a person who suffers the stiffness and soreness of arthritis may find toothbrushing incredible difficult. An electric toothbrush doesn’t require the same movements, so can both ease and maximize the performance of teeth-brushing.

What better way to head into a new year than with a plan for your best smile. We’re happy to speak with you about the type of toothbrush that may be right for you. Schedule a visit to our Palm Beach Gardens office by calling (561) 627-9000.

Good Breath Gone Bad

General dentistry Palm Beach Gardens

General dentistry Palm Beach GardensBad breath is not a problem we want to have. It’s a problem that “other people” struggle with. If we had bad breath, we would know, right? We could go on about the internal dialogue many people have about their breath. We’ll just say that bad breath is a bigger problem than you may think, and, yes, you may have it and not realize it. But there are ways you can manage your breath either before unpleasant odor becomes obvious, as well as after.

Clean it up

You know you are supposed to brush your teeth morning and night, and you do. But how much time are you spending on the task? Two minutes? Would you say that you are careful to brush every tooth, every surface, more than once? It’s easy to brush without really thinking, but this can lead to costly mistakes in oral care.

Brushing is just the beginning. Flossing is also a necessity for fresh breath. In just a minute or two, flossing removes residue that could stick in between teeth and collect odor-causing bacteria. Finally, those same bacteria also seem to love hanging around on the back of the tongue. Using a toothbrush to clean the back of the tongue only displaces that bacteria from the mouth onto the toothbrush and then to another part of the mouth. For optimum cleanliness, use a tongue scraper.

Moisten it

A mouth that is dry is likely a mouth with too much bacteria. Dry mouth may be due to too little water consumption. Sipping on water multiple times an hour works in your favor because this habit continually moistens and dilutes acidity that can cause odorous breath. Some people are more prone to dry mouth and may need a particular level of dental care to manage this condition.

Fix it

Dentures are a natural risk for bad breath due to their structure. When a denture sits too loosely over the gums, bacteria can accumulate beneath them. Removing dentures every day for cleaning, and also gently cleaning the gums, can reduce bacterial activity in the mouth and on the denture itself. Also, relining is an important aspect of denture care that should not be postponed. At the first indication of looseness, contact your dentist for appropriate adjustments.

Contact us at (561) 627-9000 for friendly dental care that supports fresh breath.

Inside Your Teeth – The 411

At Lerner & Lemongello we care about you and we care about your teeth – which, by the way, are designed to last you a lifetime. However, your general health, decay, poor dental habits and good old Father Time can play havoc with your teeth.

Let’s get to the very basics…and learn what kind of teeth you have and what makes them so strong and amazing:

Each tooth is comprised of two parts:
The crown which is visible and the root which is not.

teethYou mouth contains four different kinds of teeth:

  1. Incisors…the teeth in the front of your mouth. There are a total of eight and all have the same function – they are for biting into food. Incisors are usually the first teeth to erupt, at around 6 months of age.
  2. Canines…you share these with your dog, hence their name. They are the pointed, sharp teeth next to your incisors. There are two on the top row and two on the bottom. They are used to tear pieces of food.
  3. Pre-molars (bicuspids)…as an adult, you have eight pre-molars, the large, flat teeth behind your canine teeth that tear, crush, and mash your food.
  4. Molars…your largest teeth which are found at the very back of your mouth. Including the wisdom teeth, most adults have 12 molars. They are also used for chewing and grinding your food.

Your teeth contain four kinds of tissue, and each has a very unique purpose:

  1. Enamel is the visible substance that covers the crown. Harder than bone, enamel is made up of phosphorous and calcium and protects the tooth from decay.
  2. Dentin lies underneath the enamel. It looks similar to bone but is not as hard as enamel.
  3. Cementum is the tissue covering the tooth root, helping anchor it to the bone. It is softer than enamel and dentin.
  4. Pulp is found at the center of your tooth and contains the blood vessels, nerves, and other soft tissues that deliver signals and nutrients to your teeth.

Call to book an appointment for a dental check-up today and let our team of professionals at Lerner & Lemongello help you keep your teeth amazing: (561) 627-9000.

Does Your Mouth Feel Like a Desert?

dry mouth

Does this sound familiar? You can’t seem to wet your whistle enough to swallow and you are more than just thirsty…your mouth is dry and sticky. Your saliva may also be stringy and thick – and to top it off, you have stinky bad breath and nothing seems to help.

Xerostomia, also called dry mouth syndrome, is a common health issue that arises from the reduction of saliva levels. Saliva is important because it produces enzymes that help you taste and digest food and it also keeps the bacteria in your mouth in check.

When you suffer from dry mouth, you may experience chronic bad breath, difficulty wearing dentures, a metallic or bitter taste in your mouth and difficulties eating or speaking.
Additionally, the skin around your mouth may be tight and dry; the corners of your mouth may get sore, your lips may crack and your tongue may feel rough and dry.
Your symptoms may worsen at night because saliva flow normally decreases when you sleep. Dry mouth can also make your voice rough and harsh and you may have a constant tickle in your throat. Chronic dry mouth may also contribute to gum disease and tooth decay.

dry mouthWhat are some of the causes of dry mouth?

  • Advancing age
  • A temporary illness that requires the use of medications
  • Smoking or using smokeless tobacco
  • Use of certain medications such as antihistamines and some antidepressants
  • Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy
  • Autoimmune conditions like HIV or Sjogren’s syndrome
  • Health issues like diabetes and Parkinson’s disease

If you are experiencing the symptoms of dry mouth, it’s important to get regular dental check-ups, brush and floss daily and rinse with a non-alcohol mouthwash. It also helps to sip water throughout the day. Sugar-free gum and candies can trigger your mouth to make more saliva.

If you would like to learn more about chronic dry mouth and discuss your symptoms with Drs. Lerner or Lemongello, call our offices for a consultation appointment. Dry mouth is a treatable condition and we can answer your questions and suggest solutions.

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