Leaders in the Field of Dentistry

At our dental practice we not only emphasize clinical expertise and outstanding  customer service, but also strive to differentiate ourselves as leaders in the field of dentistry.  We stand out as published authors in leading dental journals and as national and international lecturers on advanced dental techniques.  Our practice stays at the forefront of the profession because we utilize the newest technology to enhance patient care.  Our office elicits the talent of a master ceramist from a premier dental laboratory available to only a select few dental practices.  It is the ceramist who creates lifelike veneers not available to other dentists.  We have established a true blend of talent, state of the art dental treatment, 5 star customer service and old fashioned care that allows us to stand apart.  Furthermore, our dedication to the practice of dentistry extends far beyond the scope of our office.  We are involved with charitable organizations.  We participate in the “Give Back a Smile” organization, which restores the smiles of victims of domestic violence. We are confident that these aspects of our practice distinguish our care both    in our field and in our community.

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