Too Much of a Good Thing is Not a Good Thing

Your teeth have become dull over time, stained due to your morning coffee or evening tea. Whatever the reason for discoloration or dullness, teeth whitening treatment is an excellent solution. This cosmetic process has been one of the most popular ever since dentists around the world started offering professional-grade bleach solution in custom-fit trays. Teeth whitening is good, yes. It is so good, in fact, that many patients take things too far.

The Problem with Whitening
When teeth whitening is conducted in a professional, organized manner, there is no problem. At most, patients may feel slight sensitivity when they wear whitening trays as recommended. There is the key term, as recommended. And therein lies the problem. What often happens is that, when the teeth start to look whiter, patients get lost in their excitement. Either that or the “inconvenience” of having to wear trays for a limited time for several days running leads a patient to just increase the individual treatment time. This gets results sooner and means a shorter course of treatment. It may also mean zingers that buckle your knees!

There’s More
Going too far with the whitening process goes beyond the sensitivity you might develop. Trust us; there have been plenty of people who push right on through those zingers with a little help from their favorite pain reliever. Doing so may blunt the force of sensitivity, but it won’t save your teeth or your appearance. Let’s first talk about tooth damage . . .

Whitening is a safe and effective protocol when used appropriately. Even whitening strips, which are far less powerful than professional whitening gel, are intended for brief use about once a year. The overuse of such products can wear down enamel, much in the way consuming acidic energy drinks causes teeth to erode. To prevent the irreversible wearing down of your teeth, whiten as directed.

We are led to believe that whiter is better, but that just isn’t true. We all have our natural coloring given to us by our ancestors. This includes the shade of enamel on our teeth. Going too white messes with the alignment of complexion to teeth, and can diminish your natural beauty.

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