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White Care for a Beautiful Smile

dental healthLerner & Lemongello is proud to offer the White Care and AO dental care products for its patients. White Care quickly and easily removes surface stains from your tooth enamel. However, in addition to keeping your teeth bright and white, White Care can also soothe the gums and mouth tissues. White Care does not contain bleaching chemicals and can help maintain a normal pH balance within your mouth.

The White Care system is complimented by AO Pro Toothpaste and AO Rinse. These White Care products help lift stains from your enamel with each use as well as polish your teeth and eliminate bad breath. The three product system is completed by a dental gel that helps sooth soft tissues of the mouth. All three also work to whiten your teeth. Dental gel should only be used in the evening after brushing and flossing.

The unique antioxidant-hydroxyapatite combination found in these products help keep your tooth enamel strong – despite frequent whitening. The White Care system is also gentle enough to be used on dental implants and other devices.

If you would like to begin the process of safely and beautifully whitening your smile – while you care for it at home – consider the White Care system today. Contact Lerner & Lemongello to learn more or to purchase your kit.

Are You Flossing Properly?

Do you floss regularly only to still have sensitive or bleeding gums? It may be possible that although you are flossing regularly, you may not be flossing properly – a common frustration among our patients.

shutterstock_130169285While flossing may seem like a simple enough task, many people do not floss properly or effectively. Here are a few easy tips to make the job easier:

  • You should use about 20” of floss with each cleaning. This allows you to wind the floss around your fingers as you move through the mouth – ensuring you’re always using a clean area of floss between each tooth.
  • Be sure to slide the floss between your teeth. This will prevent sudden popping of floss between the teeth and damage to your gums.
  • Start in the same place and work your way around your smile so that you do not miss any teeth.
  • Be sure to work the floss against your gums and teeth to really scrub away the debris that may reside on the sides of teeth.
  • Rinse afterwards with water and a restorative mouthwash.

If you’d like to schedule your next dental check up or receive more tips regarding effective at home dental care, contact our office today.

5 Ways to Promote Good Oral Health Habits at Work

It looks like a lot of people need to step up their oral health habits not just at home but also at work! Based on a survey  released by the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) and Oral-B Laboratories, a huge number of Americans are actually neglecting the state of their teeth and mouth at work. 

Specifically, the survey found out that although 75 percent of roughly one thousand respondents ate twice or more a day at work, only 14 percent of  them are actually brushing their teeth. In addition,  40 percent of the respondents considered a person’s smile as the first thing they notice in a person at work while 32 percent responded that bad breath is a co-worker’s least attractive trait. Now, the early figures of 14 percent brushing their teeth may make you think about those who rated bad breath as a no-no. It seems like a lot would be complaining about Mr. Stinky Breath at work after all. 

Most of us here at our Palm Beach Gardens dental practice are part of the 14 percent who brush our teeth even at work. And we would like to see more people doing the same thing in the office. So here’s a quick guide to promoting good oral health habits at work:

1. Have a toothbrush for office use. Having a toothbrush handy at work will certainly increase your chances of actually using it in the office.

 2. Chew sugarless gums. Chewing gums could stimulate saliva production and saliva, in turn, neutralizes acids which could cause tooth decay and cavities. After having meals and snacks in the office, consider chewing sugarless gums!

3. No toothbrush available? How about some mouthwash? Rinsing your mouth with it for at least 30 seconds will surely make the difference and get rid of the garlicky breath after lunch!

4. You might want to have some floss handy, too.

5. Lastly, schedule dental visits regularly so we can help you figure out which part of your oral health needs improvement and give out recommendations.

Get in touch with us today if you’d like to have healthier teeth and gums for an awesome smile that your coworkers will surely notice! Contact Drs. Lerner and Lemongello for an appointment and information on all dental procedures at 561-627-9000 or you can fill out this contact form. We’d love to hear from you!


Good Oral Health is Ultimately Up to You!

In our office we encourage our patients to take responsibility for their health.  This includes systemic health as well as their teeth and gums.  Oral health is an essential part of overall health.  Research has shown a link between oral health and diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, some cancers and possibly stroke.  Eating healthy foods and avoiding sugary snacks, sodas, acidic soft drinks or sports drinks are a good way to prevent cavities and the need to restore your teeth while maintain a healthy smile.   Daily hygiene and regular professional cleanings and exams with our dental team are essential to maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

What can you do to avoid tooth decay?

What can you do to avoid tooth decay?  Here are some practical tips from our office to help you avoid cavities and the need to restore your teeth or tarnish that beautiful smile.

*Limit the number of sodas, citric juices and sports drinks.

*Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.

*Clean between your teeth with floss or interdental cleaners.

*Eat a balanced diet and limit between meal snacks.

*Visit the dentist regularly for cleanings and exams.

*Ask about dental sealants to protect your teeth.

*Repair or replace old dental restorations at the first sign of deterioration before they get worse.

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