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Porcelain veneers are a wonderful option for enhancing the smile

Porcelain veneers | Palm Beach Gardens FLAt Lerner and Lemongello Dentistry, patients in the community of Palm Beach Gardens, FL can seek assistance in improving the appearance of their smile with cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is a special field of dental work that focuses on the aesthetics of the teeth and gums and may include enhancement options such as the fabrication and placement of porcelain veneers.

What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers are best described by Drs. Jay M. Lerner and Gerard J. Lemongello as ceramic facings that are custom-made to bond over the front of a natural tooth to cover an imperfection that is impacting the appearance of the smile. These veneers are made to look just like the natural tooth and are often bonded on the teeth near the front of the mouth. These are the teeth that are most noticeable when patients speak, laugh, and smile with others. Porcelain veneers are incredibly popular for covering common issues such as:

• Misaligned teeth

• Permanently stained teeth

• Broken or chipped teeth

• Unusually shaped teeth

• Gaps between teeth

What is the process of obtaining a porcelain veneer?

Before moving forward with the use of porcelain veneers, patients will first book a consultation visit with their dentist to determine if they are appropriate candidates. The best candidates for porcelain veneers are patients who have an otherwise healthy smile and want to address an imperfection on the anterior teeth. Once patients have chosen porcelain veneers as their restoration, they will undergo preparations. These preparations include filing down the front of the tooth before taking impressions. These impressions are sent to a dental laboratory so the ceramist can fabricate the new veneer and return it to the dental office for bonding in place.

Interested in learning more about the use of porcelain veneers to enhance the smile?

Contact Lerner and Lemongello Dentistry today to book your consultation appointment with Drs. Jay M. Lerner and Gerard J. Lemongello to discuss your options for improving the appearance of the smile. The office is located at 5602 PGA Boulevard Suite #201 and can be reached by phone at (561) 627-9000. We accept new and existing patients into our facility for comprehensive dental care.

How to Restore the Smile with Porcelain Dental Restorations

Porcelain Veneers Palm Beach Gardens FL

Porcelain Veneers Palm Beach Gardens FLWhen imperfections are affecting the appearance of the smile, patients often turn to cosmetic dentistry procedures to make a difference. Drs. Jay M. Lerner and Gerard J. Lemongello of the Palm Beach Gardens, FL area are here to help, and can provide patients with the solutions they need to enhance the look of their teeth, including porcelain veneers.

What are porcelain veneers?

Also known as dental veneers, porcelain veneers are a wonderful solution for covering imperfections that may be detracting from an otherwise beautiful smile! These restorations are custom-made for patients and are designed to bond over the front of the anterior teeth to completely disguise problem areas. Teeth that are gapped, broken, chipped, misaligned, or even permanently stained may benefit from the placement of porcelain veneers with the team at Lerner and Lemongello Dentistry.

Why choose porcelain veneers?

There are several advantages for patients who choose porcelain veneers to enhance their natural teeth. Porcelain veneers are:

  • Attractive
  • Natural-looking
  • Custom-fabricated
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting

What is the process of obtaining porcelain veneers?

Most patients who are candidates for porcelain veneers will decide to move forward with this particular method of treatment for the anterior teeth that have imperfections present. When patients have chosen this cosmetic solution, they need to undergo preparations of the natural teeth. This includes filing down some of the natural tooth enamel from the front. Once completed, impressions are done and sent off to a dental ceramic who fabricates the final restoration for bonding into place approximately one to two weeks later. Porcelain veneers are known for lasting approximately ten years or longer when patients take good care of them, ensuring a decade or more of beautiful smiles! Porcelain veneers can be replaced as necessary by our team.

Ready to discuss the benefits of veneers?

Contact the team at Lerner and Lemongello Dentistry today to make an appointment with Drs. Jay M. Lerner and Gerard J. Lemongello and consult with a professional regarding this and many other restorative services available at the practice. The office is located at 5602 PGA Boulevard, Ste. 201 and can be reached at (561) 627-9000.

The Lifelong Care of Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers Palm Beach Gardens FL

Porcelain Veneers Palm Beach Gardens FLWhat one of the biggest questions patients have about any cosmetic treatment is how long they can expect results to last. Porcelain veneers are one of the longest-lasting treatments performed today. In some ways, this is advantageous but, we’ll be honest, patients do need to prepare for a lifetime of care when they choose to disguise cosmetic flaws with these indirect veneers. Here, we want to discuss what is possible with porcelain veneers and what it takes to keep them completely functional for their fullest lifespan.

About Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are advantageous because they can disguise a wide variety of cosmetic flaws. A single veneer can be placed over a cracked tooth to make it appear in perfect condition. Likewise, it may be possible to make a turned tooth appear straight by covering it with a veneer. One should not assume that numerous veneers are needed to enhance the appearance of the smile. In our Palm Beach Gardens office, we customize treatment to the individual.

There are two types of porcelain veneers. Both are indirect, meaning that they are made in a dental lab. However, Lumineers describes a type of porcelain veneer that does not require enamel reduction. Lumineers are referred to as a no-prep veneer because of this; and because there is no enamel reduction, there is also no long-term commitment to maintenance. Standard porcelain veneers are slightly thicker than a no-prep veneer, so will involve slight enamel reduction and a need for maintenance. This should not be a deterrent. Caring for porcelain veneers is easy.

Veneer Maintenance

Research has indicated that the average lifespan for a traditional porcelain veneer is 10 to 15 years. The better care one takes of veneers, the longer they may last. What does this care involve? Not much, it turns out! In fact, it’s pretty much what is already done to preserve natural enamel and gum health.

When you have porcelain veneers, it is vital that you brush your teeth twice a day. Because there is a risk that plaque may accumulate around the margins of veneers, where porcelain meets enamel. This risk can also be mitigated by daily flossing. For an added ounce of protection against unnecessary deterioration, you may also create a habit of rinsing your mouth with water after consuming acidic or stain-causing foods and beverages. This is not because veneers can stain, porcelain is very stain-resistant; the reason to rinse is to avoid discoloration of the enamel that is adjacent to veneers.

We are pleased to offer traditional and no-prep veneers in our Palm Beach Gardens office. For more information, call (561) 627-9000.

Do You Know How to Get Your Dream Smile? We Do!

Porcelain Veneers Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Porcelain Veneers Palm Beach Gardens, FLGood teeth. We all want them, even if we don’t talk about it. There is a societal expectation for beauty today that has never been quite as strong. We have social media to thank for the trends that we love to follow, and also for the self-consciousness we may feel when we don’t see our truest reflection in our smile. At the office of Lerner & Lemongello in Palm Beach Gardens, we’ve got your best interest at heart. We would love to help you make your dream smile a reality, and we know how we can.

Dental Veneers for the Win

In recent years, consumers have heard more and more about porcelain dental veneers. Celebrities have become more transparent about the manner in which they achieve and maintain such beauty, and we have also seen veneers used on popular makeover shows. One of the reasons why porcelain veneer treatment is so popular is because of porcelain, in particular, looks incredibly natural. Another reason is that veneers, in general, can solve some problems in one fell swoop.

The Road to Perfection

You want a perfect smile, one that represents your personality. This means that your teeth and gums and lips are in harmonious proportion. The veneering process begins and ends with this in mind. To commence treatment, we discuss the way in which you would like your smile to improve. Are there gaps that you want to be closed? Is a tooth chipped or cracked? From obvious stains to odd shapes and sizes, there is a way to create veneers to successfully disguise the issues that downgrade your smile.

After concluding how we want to improve the smile, we go to work on the physical process of mildly altering teeth that we will treat. Traditional veneers require the modest reduction to make space for the thin sheath of porcelain to lie flush with the gums. Then, we can take impressions that guide the creation of your veneers. It is during a second visit when these final enhancements are affixed to the teeth you wish to improve.

Having a great smile is not something you should dream of, it’s something you should live. Learn more about options for veneer treatment at (561) 627-9000.

The Perfect Veneer: Lumineers

LumineersLumineers isn’t just the name of a popular folk/indie band. In fact, Lumineers is actually the name of a popular brand of porcelain veneers that we at Lerner & Lemongello like to use. If your teeth have started to decay, if they are severely discolored, or if they are simply misaligned, you may want to consider getting veneers. By giving you a near permanent solution to your cosmetic dental problems, Lumineers will help you gain your confidence back once again. Read on to learn more.

Why Lumineers?
There are a variety of different veneer options available on the market. And although we do encourage some of our patients to try different brands, Lumineers are one of our go-to options due to their thin, yet strong, texture. Additionally, because of their thin texture, Lumineers look more natural than other brands of veneers because they take on a more natural looking enamel coloring.

Who Are Good Candidates?
Just as with any sort of cosmetic dental procedure, not everyone will be deemed a good candidate. However, if you suffer from the following problems or issues, then you will likely be a good candidate for Lumineers:

  • Stained or discolored teeth that reject whitening products
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Small teeth
  • Misshapen Teeth

How Does It Work?
Unlike dental treatments such as dental implants, veneers are glued onto your existing teeth. During your initial consultation with Lerner & Lemongello, you will be fitted for dental veneers. The great thing about Lumineers dental veneers is that they are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors— so that they blend in with your other teeth. As the first step in the process, your natural teeth will be filed down so that they are significantly smaller. Once they have been filed down, the dental veneer will be placed on top of your natural tooth and will be glued down. The process is then repeated until you have your perfect, new smile.

If you have been considering getting dental veneers, consider Lumineers! To learn more or to schedule your consultation appointment, contact Lerner & Lemongello today!

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